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Mental Health: Suicide

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1 Mental Health: Suicide
Lesson 1 8th Grade

2 SUICIDE Click on Icon Words that warn: “I wish I were dead.” “I just want to go to sleep & never wake up.” “I won’t be a problem for you much longer.” “I can’t take it anymore.” “This pain will be over soon.” “Nothing matters.” Definition: the act of intentionally taking one’s life Why is suicide an uncomfortable topic? What are some myths or facts about suicide? Video clip on Myths 8th Grade 2

3 FACTS ABOUT SUICIDE Most people who have attempted and failed are usually grateful to be alive Suicide has many warning signs Use of drugs/alcohol can put people at risk due to impaired judgment Many people who consider suicide only do so for a brief period in their life 8th Grade

Click on Image 3rd leading cause of death for ages 15 – 24 More women attempt suicide and more men commit suicide Video on facts about suicide on picture Click on Image 8th Grade 4

-Feeling hopeless -Withdrawing from family and friends -Neglecting basic needs -Experiencing loss of energy -Taking more risks -Using alcohol and drugs -Giving away personal things For any one person, the greater the number of warning signs, the greater the suicide risk. Video on bottom picture 8th Grade 5

Take all talk of suicide seriously Tell your friend suicide is not the answer Change negative thoughts into positive ones Don’t keep a secret Click on Image Video on picture 8th Grade 6

7 This is the end of Suicide Lesson 1
STOP HERE 8th Grade

8 Mental Health: Grief Management
Lesson 2 8th Grade

9 THE GRIEVING PROCESS Grief – express deep sadness because of loss
Click on Image 5 stages of grieving process Denial: gives you a chance to think Anger: normal (anger management) Bargaining: promise to change Depression: short term is normal Acceptance: learn how to live with the loss Video on the stages of grief – click on picture 8th Grade 9

Helping yourself Get plenty of rest/relaxation but stick to a normal routine Share memories Express your feelings Don’t blame yourself Click on Image Helping others Show your support through simple actions Let the person know you are there for him/her Tell the person they are strong and will learn to live with the loss Video on picture 8th Grade 10

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