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Suicide Prevention Remember Quiz on Tuesday: Mental Health and Suicide Prevention.

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1 Suicide Prevention Remember Quiz on Tuesday: Mental Health and Suicide Prevention

2 Key Concepts Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem The only irreversible choice It is the result of a teenager unable to see another solutions to problems that are consuming him/her Suicide is preventable Suicidal people do not want to die, they want their problems to end.

3 Goals To find ways to help other teenagers who may need help finding solutions. How do we recognize the signs?

4 Aim: How can we prevent suicide? Do Now: Name the categories of suicide prevention Quiz tomorrow on mental disorders and suicide prevention

5 Categories Facts on suicide Suicide myths Students who are at high risk Warning signs of suicide Verbal signs of suicide

6 Facts Teenage suicide is preventable. When a person is depressed, they are NOT thinking, or feeling the way they normally do Among young people Aged 15-24, suicide is the 3 rd leading cause of death Every day in the U.S. approximately 14 young people between the ages of 15-24 die at their own hands.

7 Myths of Suicide Teenagers who talk about attempting suicide are doing it for attention All teens who are suicidal are depressed Suicidal people really want to die, so there is no way to stop them Talking about suicide will cause a student to attempt suicide If a person really wants to kill himself/herself no one has the right to stop them Once a person is suicidal, they’re suicidal forever Improvement following a suicidal crisis means that the suicide risk is over

8 Students at Risk Teens who have attempted suicide before Teens with little self esteem Teens in trouble with the law Teens suffering from depression Teens who have been abused or neglected Teens who use drugs/alcohol Teens who are perfectionists Teens struggling with sexual orientation Teens who are in dysfunctional families Teens who fail in school (dropouts)

9 Verbal Signs of Suicide I cant go on anymore I wish I was never born I wish I were dead I wont need this anymore My parents wont have to worry about me anymore Everyone would be better off if I were dead Life sucks. Nobody cares if I live or die

10 Warning Signs of Suicide A recent suicide in the family or friend Trouble coping with recent losses, death, divorce, moving, breakups Traumatic event Making final arrangements Gathering lethal weapons Giving away prized possessions Preoccupation with death Sudden changes in personality or attitude

11 Activity Work in groups of four Read the story your group is given. Discuss the story List the “At Risk Group” and “Warning Signs” that are revealed in the story Brainstorm and then list some ways you can help a suicidal friend

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