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Anatomy Laboratory Write up Emulate standard Scientific Paper (few exceptions)

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1 Anatomy Laboratory Write up Emulate standard Scientific Paper (few exceptions)

2 Few Comments for your writing style: Use prose (avoid bullets) Do not use contractions Do not use colloquial speech, slang, etc. Use past tense Use precise words: ◦Write briefly and to the point (active verbs versus passive verbs) Stylistically use third person (acceptable in discussion)

3 Format: Will no longer have separate page format like biology, however: ◦Each main section will begin with a heading that should be capitalized, centered, and double spaced from lines above and below it. (no underline nor colon at the end) INTRODUCTION ◦Continue each section on the page as room allows.

4 Top of page- centered: Title: concise, specific, with appropriate descriptive words to describe contents of paper (remember the key words found in the title are the basis for most on-line searches) ◦No underline, simply bold Double spaced and centered below title: ◦Authors name ◦Institutional affiliation

5 Abstract Summarized in one paragraph (typically): ◦Question investigated ◦Experimental design and methods (briefly the basic methodology with key techniques (without excessive detail). ◦Major finding/ key quantitative results or trends ◦Brief summary of interpretation/conclusions (from discussion)

6 Introduction Identify subject area of interest and briefly discuss relevance State purpose/ question (s)/ problem being addressed State hypothesis Introduce balanced review of pertinent published literature available on the subject (cite appropriately) Clear statement of rationale to how your approach the problem studied (do not discuss actual techniques- leave that Materials and Methods)

7 Materials and Methods Explain how you carried out study, be sure to include: ◦Organism(s) studied ◦Description of study site ◦Experimental OR sampling design ◦Protocol for collecting data (how experimental procedures were carried out)  Controls  treaments ◦How data was analyzed* *No statistical analysis in this class

8 Results Goal: Key results organized without interpretation Tables and/or figures descriptive enough that they can stand alone without text Write the text of results in past tense Do not interpret data here.

9 Discussion Always connects to introduction by way of purpose/hypothesis Do your results provide answers to testable hypothesis? How do you interpret findings? Do your results agree with what others have shown? If not, alternative explanation? With your conclusion, are there new possible experiments that could be conducted?

10 Literature Cited Not the same as bibliography (bibliography means you did not necessary cite and discuss references) Write in MLA style

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