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A Federated Approach to Systems Management Todd Nugent Mike Huffstatler Sr. Product Specialist Systems Engineer.

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1 A Federated Approach to Systems Management Todd Nugent Mike Huffstatler Sr. Product Specialist Systems Engineer

2 The Absolute Product Portfolio Certified ITSM Provides next-generation IT service management with 10 ITIL 2011-certified processes. Federated Data Build business intelligence using organizational data within the CMDB. Service Delivery Track performance and ensure delivery of established SLAs. Governance Provides industry best visibility and control over all devices and data. Risk Management Receive alerts, remotely secure a device, recover and delete data. Compliance Prove device and data security at point of risk or end of life. Leveraging the Absolute Persistence Technology Cross-Platform Provides policy driven management of cross-platform devices. Intelligent Simplifying management by applying automation to the right tasks, at the right time. Automated Automating time-consuming IT processes saves time and money.

3 Computrace Products for Endpoint Security Digital Assets Absolute Monitoring Center IT Administrator Computrace products allow organizations to centrally track and secure their IT assets within a single cloud-based console. Customers can easily identify computers that have gone missing, enforce software policies, and maintain a fleet of optimally running devices. Most importantly, they can remotely invoke preemptive or reactive security measures to safeguard each device and the data it contains.

4 Computrace capabilities have evolved from a tracking / theft recovery play to include important GRC capabilities. Computrace = GRC for the Endpoint GRC for the Endpoint Infrastructure Data Technology 4

5 Absolute Manage End to End Multi-Platform Support (Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS & Android) Automated device provisioning Detailed inventory Automated actions and alerting Easily customized reports Enforce & remediate configurations Detect jail-broken devices Certificate-based authentication Mobile Content Management Mobile App Management App Distribution App Configuration App blacklisting App Inventory and Licensing Mobile Security ManagementMobile Device Management

6 Absolute Manage – Additional Features Absolute Manage can utilize Computrace’s Persistence to ensure you will always have management access to your devices Absolute Manage’s Extensible Architecture allows for simple customizations that will allow you to manage your world as you see fit Real World Extensibility Examples Image Version Control & Awareness Process Improvements with automated on-boarding tools PO Numbers provide Asset & Vendor data to IT & AP for audit Tag assets with organizational owner, role, physical location

7 Unified IT 7 Security Management Device Management Service Management Unified IT

8 Automate Processes Incident Management Service Request Problem Management Change Management Dashboards/Reports/Alerts Federated CMDB Ties AM / MDM & Computrace together IT Service Management

9 ITSM Stages

10 ITSM Consolidates Disparate Solutions Holistic Business Visibility. No more isolated systems! Release Management Asset Management Knowledge Management Facilities Management Customer Support Help Desk Problem Management Change Management

11 Trusted Information Tools Processes Your People What is needed in IT today to achieve a “Value Driven” Organization ?

12 Trusted Information Tools - Natively Cross Platform Processes Certified in 11 ITIL Processes Your People What can Absolute Provide … Today ? We need to Unify IT by collapsing the separate silos and start managing in a single environment. With trusted, integrated flexible tools, that work just as well off network, as on Avoid “Swivel Chair Management” Stop buying “Shelfware” Allow Your People to become Experts, not casual users of your Information, Tools, and Processes

13 13 Questions

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