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I-24/7 Co-ordination Sub-Directorate

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1 I-24/7 Co-ordination Sub-Directorate
Overview of INTERPOL's Global Police Communications System I-24/7 & Synopsis of INTERPOL's new initiatives in the area of border security Alexander Gridchin Assistant Director I-24/7 Co-ordination Sub-Directorate

2 I-24/7 - Global Police Communications System
Connected member countries – 186 186

3 I-24/7 - Global Police Communications System
Number of INTERPOL registered users users users (3000 inactive deleted) users I-24/7 Trainings – Total 51

4 Services available through I-24/7
Databases DNA Fingerprints (AFIS) ICAID Child Abuse Images Nominals Stolen or Lost Travel Documents (SLTD) Stolen Motor Vehicles (SMV) Stolen Administrative Documents (SAD) Stolen Works of Art (WOA) 24/7 Exchanges ( including Photos, Pictures, Odontograms) Structured Data Exchanges Notices/Diffusions for Persons Security Alerts (Orange Notices) Genocide and War Crimes Human Smuggling and Trafficking Crimes against Environment Disaster Victims Identification Specialized crime areas global reports and analysis INTERPOL Firearms Reference Table - IFRT & INTERPOL Money Laundering Automated Search System -IMLASS

5 Technical Aspects By interconnecting with existing police networks - FIND Using secure Internet, satellite, wireless radio MIND GPRS/3G

51 countries expanded INTERPOL services through I-24/7 79 countries in progress Expanded beyond NCB

B a h a m a s Atlantic Ocean Bahamas Turks & Caicos Cuba Atlantic Ocean Anguilla British Virgin Is. St.Maarten St.Barthelemy Dominican Rep. Barbuda Puerto Rico Antigua Cayman Is. St.Eustatius St.Kitts Nevis Guadeloupe Dominica Jamaica C a r i b b e a n Martinique St.Lucia Grenada Barbados Bonaire Trinidad & Tobago Aruba MIND – 11 countries FIND – 8 countries Curacao

8 Contact details I-24/7 Co-ordination Sub-Directorate
NCB Services and I-24/7 Development Directorate Executive Directorate for Police Services Interpol General Secretariat Lyon, France Tel: Fax: I-24/7:

9 Thank you for your attention I-24/7 Co-ordination Sub-Directorate

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