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AJHP Online: New Functionalities for Authors and Readers.

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1 AJHP Online: New Functionalities for Authors and Readers

2 AJHP Online As of January 2005, AJHP online has been hosted on HighWire Press. Access to full-text articles is restricted to ASHP members and AJHP subscribers only

3 HighWire Press A division of the Stanford University Libraries Hosts 882 leading journals, including 43 of the 100 most frequently cited medical journals in the world.

4 New functionalities Improved search capabilities Expanded article repository Access to other HighWire-hosted periodicals Access to Infotrieve

5 Email alerts Articles by specific authors Papers published on selected topics AJHP articles cited in other HighWire publications eTOC alerts that announce when a new issue is available online

6 Navigating Through AJHP’s New Site

7 AJHP Homepage

8 Improved Search Capabilities

9 Article views Article Views

10 Alert me if article is cited (of great importance to authors)

11 Article Views Email this article to a friend

12 Article Views Other articles on this topic

13 Similar articles on specific topic

14 Article views Similar articles in PubMed


16 Article views Cited by other online articles (of great importance to authors)

17 Other journals citing this article

18 Article views Search Google Scholar for additional papers by Connor et al.

19 Google Scholar

20 Article views PubMed link to other papers written by Connor et al.

21 PubMed link

22 Reference Linking Access to full text of references hosted by HighWire

23 Full text of reference AJHP Article by Connor et al. is listed as one of these online publications.

24 Cited by other journals Increased exposure for authors.

25 Reference Linking For references not hosted by HighWire, readers can use CrossRef to order the full text article (for a fee).

26 Advantages AJHP authors: –Reach a greater audience –Find out when their articles are cited in other publications –Email their papers to anyone –Have their papers imbedded within the full matrix of PubMed within a few days –Increased exposure through toll-free reference linking AJHP readers –Access to more complete information –Access to a more efficient search engine –Advanced navigation capabilities –Toll-free reference linking

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