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Agribusiness in Pakistan Opportunities for Investment.

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1 Agribusiness in Pakistan Opportunities for Investment

2 Agriculture Sector in Pakistan’s Economy Engine of Economic Growth Largest Sector of Economy - Guarantees Nation’s Food Security Share in GDP 22% Share in employment 44.7% Contd.

3 Agriculture Sector in Pakistan’s Economy Share in foreign exchange earnings 68% Growth Rate of Agriculture Sector 2.5% Livelihood for 65.9% of Country’s Population

4 Major Constraints in Agribusiness Poor Product Quality Poor Packing Absence of Cool Chain Infrastructure High Post Harvest Losses Limited Availability of Business Development Services Limited Access to Finance Contd.

5 Major Constraints in Agribusiness Limited Capacity for Farmer Group Formation for Agribusiness Purpose Weak Public Private Partnership Weak Institutional Capacity Poor Coordination between Government Agencies Absence of Demand Driven Agriculture Research and Extension System Contd.

6 Major Constraints in Agribusiness Lack of Guiding National Agribusiness and horticulture Policies Very old Wholesale Agricultural Market Underdeveloped Agro Processing Industry Inadequate Marketing Infrastructure for Local Needs and Exports

7 Opportunities in Agribusiness Large Domestic Market of 162 Million People Strategic Location for Access to Regional Markets Growing Economy; Vast Agriculture Resource Base and Human Capital Contd.

8 Opportunities in Agribusiness Third Largest Herd of Animals Fourth Largest Producer of Milk Milk Production 32 Billion Litters Per Year Fifth Largest Producer of Mango Fourth Largest Exporter of Mango Fifth Largest Producer of Dates Contd.

9 Opportunities in Agribusiness Second Largest Exporter of Dates Largest Producer of Kinnow (citrus) Variety Trade Under Bilateral Free Trade Agreements Duty Free Import of Agricultural Machinery

10 Existing Situation of the Agribusiness Sector Textile Industry 442 Textile Mills Jute Industry 12 Jute Mills Fertilizer Industry 10 Fertilizer Units Sugar Industry 78 Sugar Mills Vegetable Ghee Industry 166 Units

11 Pakistan – Agriculture Sector Potential Item Pak. Avg. Production World Avg. Production % Potentional Exploited Fruits1,608***81,9442 Vegetables400***27,3271 Cotton671*67899 Wheat831*1,08477 Milk1,150**5,00023 * Kilograms / Acre ** Liters / Animal / Lactation *** Tons per Hectares

12 Way Forward for Agribusiness in Pakistan Awareness Programs Capacity Building Programs Packing House Grading Units Cold Storage Facilities Value Addition + Value Creation + Services Availability of Zero Rated Agro Processing Equipments

13 Interventions for Growth the Sector Improving Production Quality and Marketing Facilities Improving Access to Finance from Financial Institutions Streamline the Collection and Dissemination of Market Information Strengthen Agribusiness Technical Training Capacity Contd.

14 Interventions for Growth the Sector Formulation of National Agribusiness Policy and Provincial Horticulture Policies Strengthen and Upgrade Testing and Certification Facilities for Seeds, Nurseries and Crops Awareness of the Need to Comply with International Agricultural Standards and Practices

15 Investment Opportunities – Horticulture Production  Greenhouse Farming  Tunnel Farming  Hydroponics  Organic Fruit & Vegetable Farming  Medicinal Herbs Farming  Hybrid seed & plant material production  Cut Flowers (Green Houses) / Foliage Nurseries / Flora Bulbs

16 Investment Opportunities- Horticulture Processing  Dehydrated fruits & vegetables  Fruits Juices, Concentrates, Pulps, Nectars  Canning of fruits & vegetables  Packaged frozen vegetables  Tomato Paste  Potato powder  Frozen Fruits / Vegetables  Date Processing

17 Investment Opportunities – Livestock & Dairy  Feedlot Fattening Farms  Slaughterhouses  Modern Butcheries  Setting up large breeding farms  Cattle feed mills  Seed production and sale of high yielding multi-cut fodder varieties

18 Investment Opportunities – Fisheries  Fish Farming  Shrimp Farming  Frozen Sea Food  Sea Food Canning

19 Investment Opportunities – Infrastructure  Cold Storages  Controlled Atmosphere Storages  Refrigerated Containers  Export Houses  Packaging Technology  Modern Wholesale Markets

20 Why Invest in Pakistan?  Foreign equity up to 100% allowed  No government permissions required  Remittance of capital / profits allowed  Equal treatment of domestic / foreign investors  Network of industrial estates and free zone  0% duty on import of agricultural machinery  Investment Conducive legal framework that ensures Credit availability

21 Agribusiness in Pakistan – Opportunities for Investment Thank you!

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