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Safeguarding Children across Culture and Faith The Way Forward.

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1 Safeguarding Children across Culture and Faith The Way Forward

2 Are our services ‘child-centred ’...? Every Child Matters: The Foundation be healthy stay safe enjoy and achieve make a positive contribution achieve economic well-being Every Child Matters: The Way Forward Consolidation of the five outcomes through working together Children are ‘consumers’ of all services!

3 UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) Every child has the right to: a childhood, protected from harm be educated be healthy be treated fairly be heard What needs to change? How can we bring about best practice?

4 Basket of Indicators of Disadvantage for Children (Child Health Promotion Programme) Neither parent in the family in work; lack of qualifications, lack of skills, training, low educational attainment At least one parent has a long standing illness, disability or infirmity, or parental mental health problems Family lives in poor quality or overcrowded housing Family has a low income (below 60% of the median) Family cannot afford a number of food or clothing items Family living in social housing Families where the mother's main language is not English Families with a young mother 16-19 or 20-24 Families from Black or Minority Ethnic (BME) group Single parent Are we conducting comprehensive assessments; to identify culture and faith and impact on parenting?

5 Parent Vulnerability: Impact on Child Drug and alcohol abuse Family violence (past and present) including abuse Homelessness, poverty and unemplyment Non-engagement with health professionals Physical and mental health issues Young and lone parents Learning difficulties Disabled and sick May need early intervention and more support – when assessing under the Common Assessment Framework (CAF)

6 Vulnerable Children Black and minority ethnic (BME) children; including traveller children Asylum-seeking children Looked after children Privately fostered children Trafficked children Child ‘Witches’ / possessed children Are our services ‘child-centred ’...? May need early intervention and more support – when assessing under the Common Assessment Framework (CAF)

7 Vulnerability: Serious Case Reviews 66% issues of domestic violence 60% emergency department attendance 55% mental health problems 36% of parents moved frequently; living in temporary housing (mobility) 34% did not have a GP Sources: London Safeguarding Children Board (2007); Mobile Children and Families Report; London Child Protection Procedures. DfES 2006 Working Together to Safeguard Children Agencies and professionals need to identify the issues that make a child vulnerable; the more there are then the greater the risk

8 Best Practice Leadership interagency response via LSCB Well trained and well supported staff recruitment, management, training, supervision Policies and guidance must be implemented clarity, good pathways Inter-agency response work together, interagency teams, joined up approach Shared information practices, materials, remove ‘competition’ Practical response/interventions common-sense approach, best interests of the child Serious case reviews; commitment to truly learn lessons positive/adverse, inclusive, constructive, child first and foremost

9 Lord Laming delivered 58 new recommendations in his second report Interactive Dialogue Session What are the key achievements in safeguarding, 10 years on…? What does a child-led service mean to you? How will you implement best/good practice within your agency? What are the key barriers to implementing child protection policies and procedures?

10 Thank you for your participation and enlightening contributions to this session... Mor Dioum | Director Stephanie Yorath | Programme Director Tel: 020 8571 4121 Email: Web: VCF The link organisation between statutory agencies and the community

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