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1 Safeguarding across Faith and Cultural Groups in Barnet : The journey to engagement.

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1 1 Safeguarding across Faith and Cultural Groups in Barnet : The journey to engagement

2 2 Barry Rawlings : Safeguarding Advisor, CommUNITY Barnet Helen Elliott: Barnet Safeguarding Children Board Development Manager

3 3 Background and Context Barnet second largest borough, increasingly diverse Over one third of population born outside UK, ( 35% primary pupils white UK) >170 languages spoken Most religiously diverse in UK LSCB recognition of need to engage with groups Mapping existing resources

4 4 Emerging themes from Pan London Action Research Building trust and understanding between communities and statutory sector Increasing practitioner awareness and understanding Role of local faith or community leaders Awareness and education about legislation and role of services

5 5 Approaches to Developing Partnership Faithbook resource LSCB Faith and Cultural Sub-group Role of CommUNITY Barnet Designated Safeguarding Advisor Monthly safeguarding surgery roadshow model Third party reporting re safeguarding concerns Links with Supplementary Schools Joint training Culturally sensitive approaches Strengthening Communities Programme cascaded through parent volunteers Contribution to fostering recruitment Joint involvement with Youth Shield ( Young Peoples Board)

6 6 A perspective from representatives of minority ethnic communities What do you think are the most important safeguarding children issues in your community or faith group?

7 7 And professionals …….. What do you feel least confident about when acting to safeguard children/support families from minority ethnic cultures and faiths?

8 8 Priorities in going forward Implementation of London Guidance Increase practitioners skill and confidence (cultural competence)- informed practice Partnership work/building links with communities Safeguarding champions? Culturally sensitive services Early intervention: How can services be configured to be responsive? Role of universal services, eg schools Work with parents Ensuring voice of children and young people is heard/Peer support Respectful relationships

9 9 Role of LSCB in engaging with communities Demographic changes Increased rate of referral to Barnets Children Social Care Safeguarding seminar – working with faith communities - aspiration: to identify safeguarding champions …. Safeguarding Surgeries Proactive communication programme Parenting support seminars Publication of Faithbook Pan-London safeguarding Project What we did first What we ended up doing Our journey of safeguarding

10 10 What has been done so far? 182 CRB checks for faith and cultural groups 21 + sign ups for on-line child protection training Child Protection courses delivered to 50 staff and volunteers from a Mosque A high level of attendance at multi-agency safeguarding courses run in Barnet Support provided to a minority ethnic family at a strategy meeting Successful collaboration in response to a safeguarding incident and investigation involving a faith community, Police and Childrens Social Care Monthly safeguarding advice surgeries, 4 of which have been hosted by faith and cultural groups Network of safeguarding leads established across the supplementary schools network 26 facilitators from various ethnic and cultural groups recruited and trained to deliver parenting programmes Fostering champions from supplementary schools

11 11 Outcomes Safe environments in community settings that provide services to children and young people, for example, safer recruitment practices Increased awareness of what counts as a safeguarding concern and what to do in response Increased awareness of safeguarding resources and uptake of training Increased uptake of the voluntary sector safeguarding advice service including CRB checks and third party reporting Enhanced capacity in contributing to preventative and targeted services for example, CAFs, with input from the sector to the team around the child Increased delivery of parenting programmes to BME communities using practitioners from local communities Improved safeguarding of children across different faith and cultural groups

12 12 Contacts CommUNITY Barnet : BSCB : children-board Jewish Volunteering Network: Faith book: Youth Shield (via CommUNITY Barnet) Barnet supplementary schools:

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