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2 1. UK Trade & Investment 2. UK and Denmark 3. Network and Assistance 4. Case Study 5. Global Partnerships 6. Contact

3 UK Trade & Investment UK Trade and Investment is the lead Government organisation that supports both companies in the UK trading internationally and overseas businesses seeking to set up or expand in the UK

4 Inward Investment  UK is the top European inward investment location: £124bn FDI in 2005  1,100 Danish companies in UK  Target sectors: Renewable Energy, Biotechnology, IT, Food & Drink  Attracted by low tax, deregulated enterprise,  world class R&D, skilled & flexible workforce  Partnerships and market size

5 Trade  Bilateral trade of approx. £6bn  UK is Denmark’s 3rd largest export market  Denmark is UK’s 18th largest export market  Key sectors: ICT, industrial goods, food & drink, energy, transport equipment, bio/pharmaceuticals

6  Provides a ‘One Stop Shop’ for investors and UK businesses  Promotes the UK as an investment location  Raises investors concerns and promotes business friendly policies  Trade Services assists UK companies to establish themselves in export markets  Provides a free and confidential project handling service  Co-ordinates the UK network  Participates at overseas events/exhibitions  Co-ordinates aftercare of existing investors What does UK Trade & Investment do?

7 Project TrainingProfessional Support Financial Assistance Recruit m ent Support Suppliers Sector Information Free and Confidential Advice UKTI Services for Inward Investors Locating Property Comparative Costs


9 Case Study: E J Badekabiner  Danish design and construction company  Set up in Cramlington, North East England  Design, manufacture and supply within UK market  Assistance with SFI grant given through One North East  Now employs 200 people in UK and expanding  Regional assistance with training of staff  Seeking further business opportunities

10 Global Partnerships  Partnering service for companies with highly innovative technology or product to offer  Offering significant value-add to potential UK partners  Creating a partnership leading to technology transfer

11 Contact Stephen Metti or Matthew Delany UK Trade & Investment British Embassy Kastelsvej 36-40 DK 2100, Copenhagen Ø Tel: 35 44 52 91 or 35 Fax: 35 44 52 46,

12 Thank you for listening

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