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Facilitating FDI into Europe and Central Asia National and sub-national.

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1 Facilitating FDI into Europe and Central Asia National and sub-national

2 © PA Knowledge Limited 2013. Page 2 Facilitating FDI into Europe and Central Asia UK – A “UK First” approach ObjectivesHow this will be delivered Promote a “UK First” approachWorking with local partners and the Devolved Administrations to present consolidated propositions which will focus on the strength of the UK as an investment location Supporting clients to make the best decisions about investing in the UK Offering clients and coherent and co-ordinated “offer” of investment choices; and Helping clients access the right people at the right time Generate a higher volume and higher quality of successful projects into the UK Creating compelling propositions that show the UK’s strengths; Harness, pool and augmenting all national capability to enable existing organisations to become even more successful at attracting and retaining investments Identify opportunities for existing companies to expand nationally and internationally Working with our local partners to identify expansion opportunities for clients and ensuring a joined up approach with Trade initiatives

3 © PA Knowledge Limited 2013. Page 3 Facilitating FDI into Europe and Central Asia A delivery model that supports a UK First approach RoleResponsibilities UKTIFCO posts, Key Account Management accounts, Policy and Global Operations, Training and Development, Target Setting FDI HubProgramme Management (relationship management, strategy and performance, sector teams, account management, knowledge processing, client propositions, pipeline management, customer handling co-ordination Sub NationalSub-national networks – proposition development, account management, knowledge processing and advice and support LocalCoordination, support and capability building in all local organisations – including universities, cities, Enterprise Zones, Skills providers, etc

4 © PA Knowledge Limited 2013. Page 4 Facilitating FDI into Europe and Central Asia And adds value at every stage

5 © PA Knowledge Limited 2013. Page 5 Facilitating FDI into Europe and Central Asia Supported by an infrastructural that sustains performance 1. Enquiry and Pipeline Management 2. Knowledge Processing and Market Intelligence 3. Sectors and Propositions 4. Partnerships Management 5. Investment Advisory Services 6. Investment Development Services 7. Service Delivery (includes Finance, Marketing, Events, Communications, HR, Training, Facilities, Performance Reporting) 1.Enquiry and Pipeline Management – Receive, log and qualify enquiries. Ensure all enquiries are entered into the pipeline and that pipeline is kept up to date and actively managed 2.Knowledge Processing and Market Intelligence – Provide market intelligence to support client proposition content 3.Sectors and Propositions – Development of propositions for key sectors and source markets (working with UKTI HQ and Posts) 4.Partnerships Management – Management of sub-national networks, working and collaborating with local stakeholders 5.Investment Advisory – Commissions client specific propositions in response to enquiries, owns high value opportunities, following up over with overseas posts, managing and supporting inward visits 6.Investment Development – Maintaining effective relationships with current investors to keep informed of new opportunities and communicating geographical opportunities and issues to the Knowledge Processing Functions 7.Service Delivery – Events and Visits Support (liaising with posts, local delivery partners), Communications and Marketing throughout the network

6 © PA Knowledge Limited 2013. Page 6 Facilitating FDI into Europe and Central Asia In summary UK Trade & Investment is the government department that assists overseas companies to bring high-quality investment to the UK’s dynamic economy and helps UK-based companies to succeed in international markets The Investment Services Team work on behalf of UKTI and aims to provide a cohesive approach to the delivery of Foreign Direct Investment in the UK by deploying and co-ordinating national and local resources The Investment Services Team co-ordinates and manage foreign investment propositions on behalf of the United Kingdom with prospective foreign direct investors, working with local partners across England, the Devolved Administrations of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and the UKTI and wider FDI networks The team also provides direct relationship management and investor development, in association with international, national and local stakeholders, to nominated existing investors in England as agreed with UKTI

7 © PA Knowledge Limited 2013. Page 7 Facilitating FDI into Europe and Central Asia Example: An Enquiry Management Unit Enquiry Management  Receive enquiries – Single point of contact for all enquiries about foreign direct investment. These can be received by telephone or email. All new opportunities should enter the Investment Services Team through the EMU or be registered through the EMU.  Qualify enquiries – Responsible for filtering and qualifying all enquiries to identify which are genuine foreign direct investment opportunities  Handle / Assign enquiries – Responsible for signposting enquiries to the relevant organisation / team / partner  Log enquiries – Responsible for logging all enquiries that come into the EMU and the resulting action, i.e. where the enquiry is passed onto or whether it is closed.

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