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Testing Forum Pathways to Graduation Survey Information Brief Word on the SAT February 10, 2015.

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1 Testing Forum Pathways to Graduation Survey Information Brief Word on the SAT February 10, 2015

2 8 th Grade Accelerated Algebra Students Option-district can waive 8 th grade state math test for these students Decision-waive 8 th grade state math test Note-accelerated students this year (14- 15)must take CC Algebra Regents in June. Date of Exam-June 17 th PM

3 8 th Grade Accelerated Earth Science Students Option-district can waive the 8 th grade state science test for these students Decision-waive 8 th grade state science test Date of the Earth Science Regents Exam June 19 th AM

4 English Regents Exam All students entering 9 th grade in the 13-14 school year and thereafter must take and pass the CC English Regents exam to meet graduation requirements. Next year’s (15-16) 11 th grade students will need to take the CC Regents. Last administration of the old exam is in June 2016. All students entering 9 th grade prior to the 2013- 14 school year may be prepared to take either the CC or the old style English Regents exam

5 English Regents Exam cont. Option-for students entering 9 th grade prior to 2013-14 school year students may take either the CC English Regents, old style Regents or both exams. Decision-for the 2014-15 school year students scheduled to take the English Regents will take only the old style English Regents Exam.

6 English Regents Exam cont. Current AP students were given the old style English Regents exam in January 2015 to reduce number of tests they need in the Spring. 91% was average score for students in 1/15 administration Date for old style English Regents June 18 th PM

7 Algebra Regents Exam (Integrated Algebra becomes Algebra I when CC) Any student who in the 2013-14 school year or thereafter, regardless of grade of enrollment, begins his or her first commencement-level math course (Algebra) ending in a Regents Exam in June 2014 or later must take the CC Regents Exam. Students who started Algebra 1 prior to September 2014 have the option of taking the 05 Algebra Regents(SED extended this) in addition to CC Algebra Regents.

8 Algebra Regents cont. Option-Current XT2 students who started course in the 13-14 school year may at local discretion take the old style Algebra Regents in addition to the CC Algebra Regents in June 2015. Decision-students will take both exams and get credit for the higher of the two on their transcript.

9 Algebra Regents cont. Date for CC Algebra Regents June 17 th PM Date for the 05 Algebra Regents June 18 th AM Last administration of 05 exam June 2015

10 Geometry For the June 2015, August 2015 and January 2016 administration only, students receiving geometry instruction may, at local discretion, take the 05 Geometry Regents in addition to the CC Geometry Regents.

11 Geometry Cont. Option-Students who began Geometry for the 14-15 school year may take CC Geometry Regents or both the CC and 05 Regents. Decision-Students will take both exams and receive the higher of the two grades on their transcripts. Date for CC Geometry Regents June 2 nd PM Date for 05 Geometry Regents June 19 th PM Last administration of 05 exam January 2016

12 Algebra 2/Trigonometry Algebra II CC Current students will still take 05 Regents. First administration of Algebra II CC is scheduled for June 2016. Last administration of 05 Regents January 2017 August administration is back in place(taken out originally to save money) Date of 05 Regents June 19 th AM

13 Pathways to Graduation New option for students to meet graduation requirements Rationale for the change – Too many students dropping out (74.9% graduating currently in NYS) – Lack of coherence between K-12 and college and career readiness (37.2% of graduates currently college and career ready in NYS) – Through student choice, student engagement will increase along with college and career readiness – Pathways are a route to 2 and 4 year colleges, additional career training and employment

14 Existing Diploma Requirements Credits - 22: 4 ELA 3 Mathematics 3 Science, 4 Social Studies ½ Health 1 Arts 1 Language other than English (LOTE) 2 Physical Education 3 ½ Electives Assessments – 5 ELA 1 Math 1 Science Global History and Geography US History and Government

15 Pathway 4+1 Requirements All Students must pass the following four (4) required Regents Exams: –1 Math, 1 Science, 1 Social Studies, ELA; and students must choose one (1) of the following additional examinations: –Additional Social Studies Regents Exam; or –Additional Science Regents Exam; or –Additional Math Regents Exam; or –Approved CTE, LOTE or Arts Pathway Assessment These assessment must measure content other than that measured by one of the four required Regents Exams

16 Pathway Assessments CTE – 13 assessments have been recommended for approval as CTE pathway assessments (see Appendix A) Art and LOTE – Not yet been approved Humanities – Include additional Social Studies Regents or any English or Social Studies department approved alternative exams (see Appendix B)

17 Pathway Assessments Cont. STEM – Any additional science or math Regents Exam – Any science or math exam on the department approved list (see Appendix C)

18 Pathways and Changes to Social Studies Requirements Currently students must pass the Regents in Global and U.S. Students entering 9 th grade in or after 9/16 will be required to earn 4 credits in Social Studies – 2 credits Global + current requirements of 1 credit in US, ½ credit in PIG and Economics (or an equivalent)

19 Pathways and changes to Social Studies Continued 1 st administration of new Global Regents June 2018 Regents administered at end of 10 th grade Regents assesses year 2 content only (1750- present)

20 How Survey Results Are Used At The High School Parent/guardians, students, faculty and staff surveys Site based team – Constituents – Goals process – Approval process – Action plan process

21 Survey Info. Continued Goals related to survey feedback – Faculty – collaboration time Book group Conference day Planning days – Parents/guardians-information about their child Tonight’s presentation Parent portal implementation plan Drug awareness evening forum and materials sent home

22 Survey Info. Continued Student-learning style and engagement – PLTW chef – BOE presentation regarding PLTW and science research – Observation process English Math

23 A Word About the SAT The College Board announced significant changes to the design of the SAT in March 2014. The focus of the changes are to more precisely measure what current research shows are the key skills needed for college and career readiness. SAT teachers and administration will be meeting with a representative from the College Board this month and provide updated information to the community. Information currently available on District website

24 Questions

25 Appendix A (CTE Exams) -The ProStart National Certificate of Achievement -Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Student Certification -A+ Certification (CompTIA) -Network+ Certification (CompTIA) -National Institute of Metal Working (NIMS) Skills Certification -PrintED -Student Electronics Technician (SET) -Carpentry Level-1 Certification -Assessment of Skills and Knowledge for Business (A*S*K) -Advertising and Design (NOCTI) -Accounting – Basic (NOCTI) -Agricultural Mechanics (NOCTI) -Hospitality Management – Food and Beverage (NOCTI

26 Appendix B (Humanities Exams) /archive/list.pdf /archive/list.pdf

27 Appendix C (STEM Exams) /archive/list.pdf /archive/list.pdf

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