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GaDOE Charter School Board Training Requirements Dr. Lynn Plunkett GCCA CEO WKSP January 23, 2015 TCSG’s Office of College & Career Transition Specialized.

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1 GaDOE Charter School Board Training Requirements Dr. Lynn Plunkett GCCA CEO WKSP January 23, 2015 TCSG’s Office of College & Career Transition Specialized GCCA Board Trainings

2 Required Board Training New Law (Adopted 11.4.14) : O.C.G.A. 20-2-2072  The members of the governing board of the nonprofit organization of each charter school shall participate in initial training for boards of newly approved charter schools and annual training thereafter, conducted or approved by the state board. The state board shall provide for or approve such initial and annual training.  For charter schools that are college and career academies, as defined in subsection (b) of Code Section 20-4-37, the state board shall provide or approve such training in conjunction with the Technical College System of Georgia. 2

3 Required Board Training Cont. New Law (Adopted 11.4.14) : O.C.G.A. 20-2-2072  The training shall include, but not be limited to, best practices on school governance, the constitutional and statutory requirements relating to public records and meetings, and the requirements of applicable statutes and rules and regulations.  Annual training will be from a provider selected by the governing board  Similar to the governance training required for LBOEs  Topics include: Roles and Responsibilities Open Records and Open Meetings Law Avoiding Conflicts of Interest Other Applicable Law 3

4 TCSG as Training Provider  TCSG - only training provider focusing solely on GCCA Board Training. Those “specialized” areas include: Governance 101 Working within Joint Venture Partnerships to Maximize Workforce/Eco Dev Strategic Planning Public School Finance and Funding: Training for Boards College and Career Academy Boards of Directors  TCSG ( limited resources ) - focus will be specialized training modules. Exceptions include:  NEW Academy Boards  Existing Academy Board that require a RESTART

5 Other Training Providers When selecting GaDOE Charter Board Training Providers other than the TCSG OCCT, be sure that they have experience/knowledge of the operation, purpose, mission of College and Career Academies in GA and have a good understanding of joint venture partnerships. 5 A comprehensive list of Charter Board Training Providers can be found here – Education/Documents/Local%20Board%20Governance%20Providers%20List.pdf

6 GaDOE Charter Board Training Required Hours  New Members: 15 hours within 1 year of taking office. Must include 3 hours in finance/budgeting (&) 3 hours in best governance practices  Existing Members: 9 hours annually (topic based on needs assessment) and can include 3 hours of whole board training  All Board Members 3 hours of whole board training based on GaBOE adopted, “Standards for Effective Charter School Governing Boards” ***Training guidelines may be revised in April, 2015***

7  Conduct Needs Assessment / SWOT Analysis Strengths – areas you do well or advantages of your organization Opportunities – external factors that may contribute to your organization and can build up your strengths Weaknesses – areas to be improved Threats – potential problems/risks caused by external factors that your organization may face.  Participants should include: Academy CEO / Superintendent Technical College partner President (and other high ed. partners) High School Principals along with the Academy Board of Directors Ensuring a Successful Board Training

8  Participants could also include: Academy Teachers Feeder High School Leaders Post-secondary partner Dual-Enrollment Instructors Community’s Organizations: Chamber of Commerce, Economic and Workforce Development Sector Joint Training: CCA Board and Board of Education In Charter Systems: CCA Board and other School Governance Teams Ensuring a Successful Board Training Cont.

9  Additional Training Modules to be Developed?  Alternate Training Delivery:  video training  web-based training  Regional training for any CCA Board/Member (Periodically/Annually)?  Training Requirements Revisions? Wrap Up Discussion (Suggestions?) To Request TCSG Charter Board Training Specific to GCCAs, please contact: Frank Pinson / / Jenny Williams / /

10  CPI Report: Complication of data generated by each local, state, and charter school system that reports both classified and certified personnel to the Georgia Department of Education  CCRPI: College and Career Readiness Performance Index  T & E: Training & Experience factored into allotment for teacher salaries in QBE  Highly Qualified Teacher(HQT): Federal mandate that all teachers must be certified in the content area they are teaching  PSC: Professional Standards Commission  FTE: Full Time Equivalent Glossary of Terms

11  MOU : Memorandum of Understanding  QBE Charter System Funds: Additional funding given to charter systems. (approximately $87/FTE)  School Governance Teams : Required by law for Charter Systems. Must have some decision-making authority over people, time, money at the school level.  GOSA : Governor’s Office of Student Achievement  OPB : State Office of Planning and Budget  GSFIC : Georgia State Finance and Investment Commission Glossary of Terms Cont.

12  Flexibility Options : Ga districts required by law to declare one of 3 governance models by 6/30/15  IE2 School System-contract with LBOE, GOSA, SBOE; school targets; some waivers  Status Quo School System-No waivers  Charter System School System-requires local school governance participation in decisions; contract with LBOE and SBOE; blanket waivers  Broad Flexibility: Waivers from most of Title 20, rules and guidelines  Title 20 : Ga law governing education  M and O: Maintenance and Operations  State Allotment Sheet: Issued annually to give LEAs the amount of state funding coming to the district. Glossary of Terms Cont.

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