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Reactions with Hydrocarbons

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1 Reactions with Hydrocarbons

2 Definition A hydrocarbon is an organic compound that contains only CARBON and HYDROGEN atoms. We burn many hydrocarbons as FUEL

3 Examples

4 Examples

5 Combustion Combustion means burning or to burn.
Combustion can be either complete or incomplete Incomplete combustion can be very dangerous!

6 Complete Combustion When a hydrocarbon is burned with lots of oxygen
Exothermic Equation: Hydrocarbon + LOTS of  carbon + water oxygen dioxide Ex: CH4 + 2O2  CO2 + 2H2O

7 Incomplete Combustion
A hydrocarbon is burned with NOT ENOUGH oxygen Exothermic Equation: Hydrocarbon + little  carbon + water + carbon + carbon oxygen dioxide (soot) monoxide Ex: 4CH4 + 6O2  CO2 + 8H2O + C + 2CO

8 ***carbon monoxide is very dangerous!

9 Time to look at hydrocarbons and their structure!

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