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Lead 21 Unit 3 Week 4.

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1 Lead 21 Unit 3 Week 4

2 Build Theme Connections
Review: How does a community meet it’s people’s needs? Where have you seen or read about groups of people helping meet the needs of others in their community? What have you seen workers do because people needed something important?

3 Strategies Use Multiple Vocab Strategies
What Strategies have you learned? homophones, synonyms, descriptive language “ New houses are being built in this growing suburb.” How do you know the right meaning of new? What is a homophone for new?

4 Comprehension Realism and Fantasy
Review: Realism tells about something that could happen in real life Fantasy tells about something that couldn’t happen in real life. Pig Pig is about talking pigs who act like people. Is this realism or fantasy? Give some more examples from the book to support your answer.

5 Author’s Purpose Authors write for a purpose: Inform Entertain
Persuade In Pig Pig gets a job: What kind of story is it (fantasy or realism?) What is the author’s purpose? How do you know? In A Community Like Mine: What kind of text is this? (Fantasy or realism?)

6 Read Across Texts: Text Evidence
Focus Question: How does a Community meet its people’s needs? A Community Like Mine Page 13-15: What does the author say to help you know how the workers on these pages meet people’s needs? Page 18-21: The author names many workers and uses photos to give more examples. Why does the author give so many examples?

7 Read Across the Texts (cont.)
Pig Pig Gets a Job Pages 8-15: What kinds of jobs does Pig Pig name that meets the needs of others? Pages 16-17: Why did the author include the part about being a circus worker? Follow- up: Which author would you like to meet? Which author did a better job of helping you answer the question? How?

8 Phonics /o/ spelled au, aw, al
Place the words in the chart under the correct /o/ spelling, then think of some words on your own. draw, yawn, author, faucet, talk, walk au aw al

9 Three Letter Blends “We drink with a straw.” Straw begins with three blended sounds. What blend do you hear at the beginning of straw? Three letter blends: str - string scr- screen spl – splash What are some other words that have these blends?

10 Word Study Adding –s and –es to verbs.
We sometimes add –s or –es to verbs to mean that one person, animal, or thing does an action. Rules: Add –s to the end of most verbs Add –es to the verbs ending in s, x, z ,ch, and sh. Change y to i before adding –es to words that end in a consonant and y. Try: hike, fix, crush, try, and copy.

11 Word Work High Frequency Words: outside, school, something
Frequently misspelled words: aunt, because Fluency: Practice Companion page 196

12 Revise the model When writers revise their work, they should:
Add important or interesting details Add time-order words Use action words Replace words with more descriptive, exact, and interesting words Delete unimportant details..

13 Revise the Model Moving day was busy. I could not believe how busy it was! The movers in and out, in and out. We got in the car, I waved goodbye to our Home. I waved goodbye to the park, scool and library.

14 Edit the Model First, let’s check spelling.
Next, check capitalization. Are there any words that should NOT be capitalized? Let’s check grammar. I see a sentence that is missing a verb. Can you tell which one it is? How can we correct it? Let’s look at the punctuation. Is the comma after car correct? What should it be?

15 Edit the Model (cont.) Moving day was hectic. The movers in and out, in and out. Then we climbed in the car, I waved goodbye to our Home. As we drove through town, I waved goodbye to the park, scool, and library.

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