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How will you keep your body mind and soul healthy ? Valeria Caicedo.

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1 How will you keep your body mind and soul healthy ? Valeria Caicedo

2 Body

3 My body I dont gonna eat just for eat i need to eat just what my body needs because according to why i eat gonna be my health,my balance, my developin g and all my life.

4 I Also will do exercise everyday… If i will continue a healthy diet, i will be okay but if i dont do exercise means that im losing my time, cause if i want a healthy body, i have to do exercise and eat healthy things, food that really give me nutrients, vitamins, and the energy for live everyday. My diet will be based especially in fruits and vegetables, cause are the most importants in a life, cause have so many vitamins to the body, also in the water cause water made a big part of our body.

5 Mind

6 Our mental and emotional well being as a very strong influence on the rest of the body. If the mind is not focused and strong then it cannot direct the body functions to do their job. Most often when the mind becomes despondent so does the body. In reality, the general health becomes affected. That’s why in the future I will be calm, cause I have to think in the best for me, and if the best for me is taking relax my life I will do it, but obviously I don’t gonna forget the important things, the things that needs time I will do it fast, but that’s things are exceptions and not too much.

7 Soul

8 No matter what each persons individual belief it there is a connection to the rest of the body. When an individual is in poor spirits, it has a direct effect on the health of the mind and the body as well.  So to get the very best from life one must strive to stay healthy in mind, body and soul. This can only be done by knowing the needs of each of these facets and then taking positive steps to meet those needs.  That’s why my soul will be clean of bad things, to live an excellent life, free of preoccupation

9 Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity The greatest wealth is health

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