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Listening for God…. What does it mean? What is the VISION of the Associates of Edmund Rice?

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1 Listening for God…

2 What does it mean?

3 What is the VISION of the Associates of Edmund Rice?

4 The VISION Aware of God’s presence in their lives, Moved by the Holy Spirit by virtue of their Baptism, Sustained by the living Christ in the Eucharist, and Acknowledging Jesus’ Gospel appeal,

5 the Associates of Edmund Rice, In union with the Christian Brothers, are inspired by * the charism * the spirit, and the legacy of Blessed Edmund Rice.

6 They strive to grow in their relationship with Jesus by living + the Gospel message, and + a life devoted to * prayer, * justice, and * charitable and educational works, especially with the poor and marginalized.

7 What does the Congregation say about the Associates?

8 “The Chapter recognizes and joyfully affirms the emergence in many parts of the world of individuals and groups who are inspired by the vision of Edmund Rice and express his charism in ways appropriate to their situation..” General Chapter, 1996

9 “The development of the many expressions of the Edmund Rice charism fills us with joy and brings new life and energy to the Congregation..” General Chapter, 2002

10 And NOW… what?

11 Edmund had the fire of God within himself. Where is your passion? …. your fire?

12 “Where are the risks in your life? If there are no risks, perhaps there is no life.” Brother John Gabriel McHugh, former Congregation Leader

13 Elie Wiesel, a Holocaust survivor, tells us the following: “I think that the greatest danger in this world is indifference. I have always thought that the opposite of love is not hate, but rather indifference. The opposite of peace is not war, but rather the indifference to peace and the indifference to war. The opposite of culture, the opposite of beauty, the opposite of generosity is indifference. Indifference is the enemy.”

14 The real danger … The sins of omission …

15 What are the challenges confronting the followers of Edmund Rice today?

16 To guarantee respect for the rights of children …

17 To take care of the earth

18 To work by educating for justice and faith

19 To champion those at the margin and with no voice in society.

20 “Open new doors to the people and show them this world of the poor and the marginalized who are suffering. “ You are now the transmitters of the tradition of Edmund Rice. Remember that this tradition is alive and creative. It means to take risks, to be adventurous, to push the limits – and not do what others have already done before you “I beg you to open doors!” Words of Brother J. Philip Pinto :

21 What is commitment for the Associates of Edmund Rice today? 1. To continue to grow in the faith and to show in their lives the charism of Edmund. 2. To be open to all possibilities that present themselves and be ready to take the risks indicated.

22 3. To be transmitters of the tradition of Edmund Rice and open new doors to people. 4. To collaborate with the Brothers in seeking out vocations for the Congregation. 5. To remember always that God’s love is unconditional and to be bearers of this love to all people, beginning with our families.

23 “In life not to reach a goal is not a tragedy. The tragedy is in not having a goal to reach. To die with unfulfilled dreams is not a tragedy, but not to dream is a tragedy. Not to reach the stars is not a disgrace, but not to have stars to reach is a disgrace. Sin does not consist in failing, but rather in having very limited aspirations.”

24 “If we only knew the merit of going from street to street to serve our neighbors for the love of God, it would be for us more precious than silver and gold.” Blessed Edmund Rice

25 “Live Jesus in our hearts, FOREVER!

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