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Together with his companions, he discerned God’s call to service in the plight of young people.

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6 Together with his companions, he discerned God’s call to service in the plight of young people.

7 As a concrete response to God’s call, the Founder and the first teachers associated together to conduct schools that would make quality human and Christian education accessible to the poor.

8 By giving effective expression to the redemptive love of God for young people, such schools became “signs of God’s Kingdom and instruments of salvation”.

9 3. Forming a fraternity devoted to schools for the liberation and salvation of abandoned children. 4. Binding themselves to God and to one another to insure the success of the educational mission. 1.Becoming aware of the human and spiritual distress of youth. 2. Associating together in order to respond in faith to these needs in light of the gospel. 5. Opening themselves to the power of the Spirit relying on providence to accomplish God’s work.

10 Educational initiatives are expressions of zeal and fraternal care that respond to human and spiritual needs and are shaped by the vision and values of the Gospel.


12 In fidelity to our tradition, we need to situate our educational efforts within the The plight of young people in society today should lead us to rethink our educational efforts in relation to widespread situations of poverty, corruption, oppression, and marginalization.

13 Like our Founder, we need to reexamine our educational goals and practices in relation to God’s plan to reconcile and unite all things in Christ.

14 Thus, our efforts to educate must contribute to building a society more humane, just, and fraternal where no one is excluded from the banquet of life.

15 Through education we seek to contribute to a liberation and transformation that touches every aspect of human existence: a liberation from ignorance for growth in wisdom and appreciation of truth; a liberation from meaninglessness for a life lived with faith and conviction;

16 a liberation from selfish individualism for genuine friendship and solidarity; a liberation from violence and oppression for true brotherhood and peace; a liberation from sin and death for communion with God and others.

17 a mission and ministry at the service of God, the Church and civil society directed towards integral human and Christian development and liberation


19 enables persons to interpret, judge, and evaluate realities in the light of the gospel enables us to unite our actions and intentions with God’s rely on God’s providence when acting or discerning His will The Lasallian spirit is a spirit of faith that :

20 Zeal suggests the whole- hearted giving of oneself to the service of others in gratuity and generosity, in creativity and fortitude, in compassion and commitment.

21 marked by a fraternal spirit enabling collaborative efforts towards building a society more humane, just, and fraternal

22 form disciples who are also citizens, prophets who are also professionals who bring the transforming power of the gospel to bear on culture and on every human endeavor so as to bring about God’s kingdom of justice, love, and peace.


24 IN THE AREA OF FAITH AND SPIRITUALITY, PERSONS WHO Cultivate a personal relationship with God, an awareness of God’s presence in the events of life, and a participation in God’s saving action in the world. Communicate an integral vision that unites faith, life and culture. Strive for virtue and integrity through reflection, self- knowledge and self-mastery. Are open to God’s will as discerned in the needs and hungers of the young and the demands of mission. Take necessary risks trusting in God’s providence.

25 IN THE AREA OF ZEAL FOR SERVICE, PERSONS WHO Present a well-articulated educational vision that is faithful to the gospel, responsive to the signs of the times, and which resonates with the deepest aspirations of the community. Work to create a fraternal climate and culture in the school. Demonstrate concern for the poor and the marginalized. Promote conscience of craft. Demonstrates foresight and creativity in responding to educational challenges.

26 IN THE AREA OFCOMMUNITY-BUILDING, PERSONS WHO Foster a culture of unconditional respect for human dignity and appreciation of diversity. Nurture commitment and corporate identity through communication and various programs Nurture the growth of personal power in others by planning and providing opportunities for continuing education and formation. Encourage fraternal solidarity and collaboration. Seek just and compassionate ways of resolving conflicts.

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