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Sedimentary Rock Chapter 4 Section 3.

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1 Sedimentary Rock Chapter 4 Section 3

2 Sedimentary Rock Forms when wind or water deposit sediment
Sediment – small pieces of material that come from rock or living material

3 Processes Erosion – running water, wind or ice carry
away fragments of weathered rock Deposition – wind, water and ice slows and sediment settles out in layers Compaction – sediment is pressed together Cementation – dissolved minerals crystallize and glue particles of sediment together

4 Types of Sedimentary Rock
Clastic rock – rock formed when fragments are squeezed together Rock Fragments can range in size

5 Examples of Clastic Sedimentary Rock
Sandstone – sand from beaches or sand dunes Shale – clay particles Breccia - Rock fragments with sharp edges Conglomerate – rounded fragments of rock

6 Types of Sedimentary Rock
Organic Rocks –formed from once living things Examples Coal – formed from plants that died millions of years ago Limestone –formed from ocean creatures

7 Types of Sedimentary Rock
Chemical Rocks – when minerals that are dissolved in solution crystallize Examples: Limestone – from dissolved calcite Rock Salt – from dissolved halite

8 Uses of Sedimentary Rock
Tools Building materials

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