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 Welcome to Second Grade Curriculum Night. Family Information System Directory Amy Clark On my classroom website,

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1  Welcome to Second Grade Curriculum Night

2 Family Information System Directory Amy Clark On my classroom website, you will find:  Calendar–upcoming activities, holidays, field trips  Class News and Photos  Common Core Standards for all units of study  Useful website links to support your child’s learning

3 Important Reminders Remember you MUST fill out the emergency forms online. Please go to the computer lab this evening to complete the forms if you have not already done so. Click on the eForms tab on the left hand side of the Solon Schools home page.

4 Planned absence forms must be filled out for any absence more than 2 days. The forms are on the Solon Schools website and need to be turned in and approved before the absence. We have a School Security Officer. When visiting the school, you must enter through the front doors and sign in. Important Reminders

5 ALWAYS send a note or email when there is ANY change to your child’s usual dismissal routine. If you are picking up your child after school, please list CAR RIDER or WALKER. If your child would like to buy the school lunch, you need to set up an account through EZPAy (link is on the Solon Schools website under the parents tab) OR send cash only to school in an envelope marked with your child’s name and labeled Lunch Money.

6 Important Reminders BIRTHDAY TREATS – Your child may bring a treat to share with the class on his or her birthday, or the next school day if the birthday falls on a weekend or break. We have 23 students at this time. NO DRINKS please - just a small, easy to share snack. Please send napkins!

7 Growth Mindset Roxbury is a Growth Mindset school. “When students and educators have a growth mindset, they understand that intelligence can be developed. Students focus on improvement instead of worrying about how smart they are. They work hard to learn more and get smarter.” ~

8 Homework Weekly Reading and Math Homework The homework packet is sent home every Monday. To meet the reading goal, students should read an average of 20 minutes per night. Parents should complete the Weekly Reading Log and sign it. Math homework is stapled to the Reading Log. Students should complete one page per night until the work is complete. Please leave all papers stapled in the packet and return to school every Monday.

9 Homework Word Study Homework Starting in October, students will bring home word lists every few weeks that match the feature currently being worked on in their Word Study group. Please help your child review and practice these words on the back of the sheet, and return the sheet the next day. It will then be sent back home to study words for the test the next week.

10 Homework Other Homework Students will also have assignments to complete at various times as we work through our units of study. Please check the website and the purple take home folder for extra assignments.

11 Behavior Expectations Schoolwide Rules: 1. I choose to do my best. 2. I choose to follow directions. 3. I choose to use kind words, kind hands, and kind feet.

12 Behavior Expectations Classroom Rewards: Students start each day with a magnet on “Ready to Learn.” Throughout the day, each student’s magnet will move up or down according to behavior and effort. Students earn the number of points at the level they end on for the day. Points can be turned in for prizes which include bookmarks, iPad time, stuffed animal at the child’s table for a day, and lunch with the teacher.

13 Behavior Expectations Rocket Rewards: Students may also earn Rocket Rewards from any adult in the school for various positive acts. The reward slips are put into a drawing each Friday and prizes are awarded by the school office.

14 Behavior Expectations Consequences: If a child moves his or her clip to “parent contact” at any time throughout the day, an email will be sent home.

15 Daily Schedule 7:45 – 8:00Calendar and Prepare for the Day 8:00 – 9:10 Reader’s Workshop 9:10 – 10:10 Writer’s Workshop/Word Study *Please send a small, healthy snack for your child daily 10:10 – 11:00Special Area Classes *Schedule posted on class website under files

16 Daily Schedule 11:00 – 11:55 Recess/Lunch 12:00 – 1:00Math 1:00 – 1:50Science/Soc Studies 1:50 – 2:20No New Instruction *Students work on independent activities and work with the teacher as needed to firm up concepts

17 Reader’s Workshop Mini-lesson *Daily, brief whole group demonstration about a specific reading skill or concept Shared Reading *An interactive reading experience in which reading is shared by the teacher Guided Reading *Instruction is provided in a small group and based on individual student needs Independent Reading *Students have book boxes in which they keep self selected texts that they read daily while the teacher is instructing small groups

18 Writer’s Workshop Mini-lesson *Daily, brief whole group demonstration about a specific writing skill or concept Independent Writing *Students write daily about self selected or teacher directed topics Conferencing *Teacher meets with students to provide feedback and instruction to help each child meet his or her specific writing goals Group Sharing *Students share their writing with the class so that they can receive positive comments and suggestions for improvement

19 Word Study Word Study Groups - 3 times a week starting in Oct. *Students work in groups based on needs and have study partners for games and activities which help them learn spelling features Application to Writing *Once a spelling feature has been taught, students are expected to use it in their daily writing How Parents Can Help *Encourage your child to re-read his or her work and try to find words that do not look right. Have him or her correct errors when possible using spelling features he or she knows

20 Math EnVision Math *Program is aligned to National Content Standards *Helps students become proficient problem solvers, use math flexibly, know when and how to apply math in different situations, and see connections between what they learn in math class and the math they use in everyday life *Homework will be assigned weekly – please check the website and purple take home folder. Return homework every Monday. *Assessments are given regularly to monitor student progress; Benchmark assessments are given 4 times a year

21 Social Studies Social Studies Units of Study: Government Economics Geography History Assessments are given at the end of each unit except for Government, which is addressed in our learning and social behaviors section on the report card. Student work from the unit and the test date will be sent home in advance.

22 Science Science Units of Study: Earth Science - Atmosphere Physical Science - Changes in Motion Biology - Animal Interactions Assessments are given at the end of each unit. Student work from the unit and the test date will be sent home in advance.

23 Assessments Ongoing, common grade level assessments in Reading, Writing, Math, Science, and Social Studies Math, Science, and Social Studies assessments will be sent home to be reviewed and signed Report Cards sent home each quarter for parents to track progress in all areas Parent Conferences are held in November Sign up sheet is on the blue table

24 Volunteer Opportunities All sign-up sheets are on the blue horseshoe shaped table for class parties, field trips, etc… Please consider becoming involved with PTA-$6 to join. Class with highest enrollment wins a prize! Joanna Innes is our PTA Room Coordinator. Please send in the $3 party fee for this year’s parties or give it to her tonight.

25 My Contact Information You can contact me at any time with questions or concerns Email address: Voicemail number: 349-7757 ext. 5708 Solon Schools website: Click on Staff Directory, then Amy Clark

26 Thank You Thank you for attending. I am looking forward to working with you to help your child succeed this year!

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