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Southern Corridor Study Recommendations March 16, 2011.

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1 Southern Corridor Study Recommendations March 16, 2011

2 The Vision for the Woodville Corridor Study is to: “Provide the residents, businesses and travelers in the Woodville Corridor with an enhanced quality of life, increased employment opportunity and transportation choices while protecting the sensitive natural resources and rural character of the Corridor.”

3 Balancing the Objectives Mobility options are fundamental to corridor and community planning The pedestrian is the foundation Land use influences transportation and transportation influences land use Protection of communities and natural resources through innovative land use and transportation strategies

4 Presentation Outline Land Use and Site Design Corridor Protection Mobility Plan Implementation

5 Land Use Ground floor uses that support street activities Opportunities to mix uses vertically Opportunities to mix uses horizontally

6 Site Design & Access Explore reducing parking in front of buildings Place buildings to support street and sidewalk activities Place parking at the side or rear of lots where possible Shared access driveways Connections between parcels (at rear)

7 Create New Parks “parks are valuable community assets that help create places for people to get together”

8 Other Land Use and Site Design Recommendations Adjust Regulatory Standards Encourage Mixed Use Development Create Compact Development Provide Sanitary Sewer Construct Closed Drainage System (Curb & Gutter)





13 Corridor Protection Create Landscape Buffers along Woodville Highway Enact Tree Preservation Ordinances Minimize Large Lot Zoning Promote Cluster Development

14 Mobility Creation of Complete Streets Pedestrians Bicycles Motor Vehicles Side Streets - Connecting main street to adjacent business and neighborhoods Connections to parks and recreation

15 Three Lane with Sidewalks & Bike Lanes

16 Three Lane with Parallel Parking & Bike Lanes

17 Three Lane with Parallel Parking

18 Access Improvements

19 “Alignment 4” Parallel Eastern Corridor Connects S.R. 267 to Extension of Paul Russell Rd Connects into Southside Alternative Hurricane Evacuation Route “J. Lewis Hall” Old Woodville to Alignment 4






25 Two Lane with Passing Lane, Design Speed > 45: South of Commerce

26 Other Mobility Recommendations Pave Old Woodville Road – Summerwind Circle to Cumberland Trace Pave Old Plank Road – U.S. 98 to Commerce Blvd. Evaluate Installation of Modern Roundabouts J. Lewis Hall Sr. Lane and Woodville Highway Commerce Blvd and Woodville Highway Transit – Implement Woodville Express Service

27 Implementation Timeline (1 -10 Years)

28 Implementation Timeline (> 10 Years)

29 Questions and Comments Thanks for Your Participation!

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