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English 10 Honors Find a friend and share what you did over spring break.

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1 English 10 Honors Find a friend and share what you did over spring break

2   (1) Drought conditions must be taken very seriously. (2) Unfortunately, many people ignore conservation efforts until local authorities impose watering bans. (3) If the county's residents would stop washing their cars, irrigating their flower beds, and running half-full dishwashers, then the bans might not be necessary. (4) It is important that everyone realize, that a limited water supply must be shared wisely. A.Sentence 1 B.Sentence 2 C.Sentence 3 D.Sentence 4 Which sentence has a punctuation error?

3  1.Polyneices is left _______________. 2.Etocles is __________________ with honors. 3.Creon will likely be ________ with Antigone for __________ her brother. 4.Haimon is Antigone’s _________ and _______ (ew). Quick Review


5 Prologue: Antigone: daughter of Oedipus Ismene: daughter of Oedipus Chorus: elders of Thebes Choragos: leader of the Chorus

6  Let’s Read! Prologue (722-726) Study Guides! Yellow books!

7  Indirect Characterization S peech: What does the character say and how? T houghts: What is revealed through the character’s private thoughts or feelings?  Why would this be hard to identify in a drama? E ffects on others: How do other characters feel or behave in reaction to the characters? A ctions: What does the character actually do? How do they behave? L ooks: What does the character look like? How do they dress?

8  Characterization  Direct characterization: tells the audience/reader what the personality of a character is  Indirect characterization: shows things that reveal the personality of the character to the audience/reader (S.T.E.A.L.) Video 1.Describe Regina George based on the clip. 2.Describe the birds based on their actions in the clip. In notes

9  Indirect Characterization  Actions : Antigone is determined to bury her brother no matter what the punishment may be.  Quote : Leave me my foolish plan: I am not afraid of the danger; if it means death, it will not be the worst of deaths--death without honor.  Character Trait : headstrong/ possibly foolish/ unafraid Give three examples of indirect characterization. You may work with ONE partner.

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