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Patten/Kempton Mepham High School Global History.

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1 Patten/Kempton Mepham High School Global History

2 “Lightning war”- named so because it included surprise attacks. "Lightning fast" rapid advances into enemy territory, with coordinated massive air attacks, which struck and shocked the enemy as if it was struck by lightning. The German military in World War II achieved most of its great victories with the Blitzkrieg tactic. Defeated France, Poland, Holland, Belgium, Norway, Denmark and Greece in less than a year.


4 Poland Germany attacked from the West, Stalin’s forces invaded from the east taking lands promised to them. Within a month, Poland ceased to exist. “The Phony War” During the Winter, French troops waited for British troops behind the Maginot line. In April 1940, Hitler launched against Norway, and Denmark feel, as well as the Netherlands and Belgium. France Falls By May, German forces were pouring into France, and Italy declared war on France, attacking from the South. June 22, 1940, France signs surrender documents. Charles de Gaulle starts “Free French” to liberate their homeland.

5 “We will defend our island, whatever the cost may be … we shall never surrender” - Winston Churchill, radio address, June 4, 1940 Britain is the last standing country in Western Europe Hitler is faced with Churchill’s defiance, and orders his generals to make plans for Operation Sea Lion. British planes defeat German planes over the skies of Britain. Hitler changes his tactics, turning attention away from military targets, onto other cities.

6 Started in late September, all through the night, relays of aircraft showered high explosives and fire bombs on the sprawling capital. The bombing continued for 57 nights. Much of the city was destroyed and 15,000 people lost their lives. London did not break under the blitz. Parliament continued, and citizens went on their daily lives. The British Kind and Queen supported Londoners rather than fleeing to the country side.

7 Failure of the Blitz Contrary to Hitler's hopes, British morale was not destroyed. In fact, the bombing only made the British more determined to turn back on the enemy.,

8 “A date which will live in infamy” - Franklin Delano Roosevelt Japanese sneak attack destroys much of the US fleet. Japanese airplanes destroyed 19 ships, smashed American planes on the ground, and killed more than 2,400 people. Direct cause of America’s entry into the war.

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