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I like playing golf She likes playing the guitar.

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2 I like playing golf

3 She likes playing the guitar

4 He loves playing computer games

5 Ali likes swimming.

6 George loves dancing.

7 They like skating.

8 I love playing basketball

9 Aslı and Ecem like skipping rope Buse likes skipping rope

10 Burak loves playing chess

11 The cat loves eating fish & drinking milk

12 Ferdi loves playing football

13 Mert and Okan like reading newspaper

14 The children like cycling

15 Sümeyra doesn’t like jogging

16 Veysel and Ertan like riding horse

17 Mothers love shopping

18 ANIL doesn’t like doing puzzles

19 I don’t like playing football

20 I don’t like playing tag but Susan likes playing tag

21 They don’t like singing songs

22 They love listening to music

23 Buse and her brother love watching television

24 Sefer doesn’t like lifting weights

25 George hates playing table tennis

26 I hate walking

27 Tom hates eating fish

28 I hate eating fish

29 Elizabeth doesn’t like playing tag

30 They hate climbing on mountains

31 Burak loves driving

32 Do you like playing basketball ? Yes, I do. Yes, I love playing basketball Do you like doing puzzles ? No, I don’t. No, ı don’t like doing puzzles. No, ı hate doing puzzles. Yes, I like playing basketball

33 hcd.68

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