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World Class Service: What Is It? Sally Glick, Chief Marketing Officer Sobel & Co. LLC.

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1 World Class Service: What Is It? Sally Glick, Chief Marketing Officer Sobel & Co. LLC

2 Today’s Agenda Define “non-traditional” world class service Identify what clients appreciate Demonstrate how marketing can help exceed clients’ expectations

3 Non-Traditional World Class Service World class is service of the highest calibre in the world. World class is the ability to constantly and consistently exceed client’s expectations. World class is meaningful interaction with clients outside of traditional accounting, tax and consulting services.

4 What Clients’ Appreciate Think what clients need beyond cross-selling. Provide valuable information they didn’t request. Going beyond number crunching.

5 How Can You Exceed Expectations? Deliver meaningful business advice. Nominate them for local awards. Introduce clients to each other. Help them gain media exposure. Help them get speaking opportunities. Think of clients throughout the year. Provide educational programs.

6 Deliver Meaningful Advice Hold management meetings at no charge Discuss industry trends/regional concerns Provide industry benchmarks – use ProfitCents Host CEO/CFO roundtables Share industry survey results Know their goals

7 Nominate Clients for Local Awards Business of the Year Family Business of the year Woman of Influence 40 Under 40 Volunteer of the Year

8 Introduce Clients to Each Other Create networking opportunities. Arrange informal one-on-one lunches. Invite one client to another’s event. Showcase a client’s expertise to other clients and colleagues. Have a “client spotlight” on your website. Highlight a client in your internal newsletter.

9 Help Clients Gain Media Exposure Offer smaller clients help with press releases. Pitch their expertise to your media contacts. Offer information to help them get published locally. Introduce your clients to media covering the business beat.

10 Help Clients Obtain Speaking Opportunities Invite a client to join a panel at a program you host. Offer to speak with a client at a local program. Promote a client to a business or civic group as a possible speaker.

11 Think of Clients Throughout the Year Celebrate birthdays and anniversaries. Clip an article. Call them before they call you. Take a client to lunch and introduce them to someone in the firm they don’t know.

12 Provide Educational Programs Host events for clients such as:  Seminars  Roundtables  Webinars Invite them to local business events such as:  Trade association programs  Chamber of Commerce presentations

13 Conclusion A non-traditional world class attitude must be nurtured within your firm. You must understand what your clients value as world class. There must be a sustainable and replicable process for execution. You must evaluate your own actions as your clients would. You must benchmark against the best customer service companies (ex., Disney)

14 Contact Information Sally Glick Sobel & Co. LLC 293 Eisenhower Parkway Suite 290 Livingston, NJ 07039 973-994-9494

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