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© Center for Companies That Care, 2004 Center for Companies That Care Organizational Structure DRAFT.

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1 © Center for Companies That Care, 2004 Center for Companies That Care Organizational Structure DRAFT

2 © Center for Companies That Care, 2004 Basics Mission: A national, not-for-profit dedicated to enhancing the well- being of employees and communities –Center for Companies That Care is a national, not-for-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the well-being of employees and communities by educating and inspiring employers to practice employer engagement and integrate the 10 Characteristics of Companies That Care into their daily business practices. “Business model”: we work through employers to positively impact the lives of employees and community members Facilitate opportunities for companies to collaborate on behalf of themselves and the community –if we all do a little, we can truly accomplish a lot National organization that delivers locally What we do: Education, Recognition, Action, Collaboration (CARE) Employer engagement: when the values and practices of the employer support the needs of society as well as the profitability of the business

3 © Center for Companies That Care, 2004 Branding

4 © Center for Companies That Care, 2004 Board Committees Exchange Honor Roll CTC Days Development Marketing/Visibility/Volunteers Finance Strategy, Governance, Nominating

5 © Center for Companies That Care, 2004 Goal People Thrive At Work, in Communities Strategy to reach Goal Employers implement 10 Characteristics of Companies That Care Programs to implement strategy Create public awareness of 10 Characteristics (Day) Facilitate corporate/ community partnerships (Exchange) Facilitate national annual community initiative (CAREDAYS) Educate companies how to implement and live the 10 Characteristics (Exchange) Recognize companies already doing 10 Characteristics (Honor Roll) Outcomes : more satisfying, meaningful lives for individuals, strong communities resulting in social sustainability, and better business results resulting in economic sustainability

6 © Center for Companies That Care, 2004 Education: How to be a CTC (10 Characteristics) Stepping Stones Seminar Series Newsletter Best Practices Road Show (6/year) Virtual Book Club First Monday teleconferences Leadership Roundtables Best Practice publications White papers/research papers Resources/bibliographies Bi-annual Community Symposium Facilitating Community Collaborations Community of Caring Mentoring Community Initiatives in Areas of Focus Health Care initiative Education initiative Education: Supporting Bi-annual Theme Webinars with experts Tool kits Research/white papers Resources/bibliographies Programmatic initiatives supporting CTC Days Areas of Focus Next generation –Education –Health care –Job skills –Parenting/social skills Next generation of leaders Current generation –Abuse and prevention –Health care –Housing –Respect and dignity –Unemployment Wise generation Exchange Executive Network part of Exchange Marketing Education events Community initiatives Newsletter Media relations re: Exchange programs

7 © Center for Companies That Care, 2004 Recruiting Applicants Generating and following up on “hot list” Developing recruiting materials Leading webinars Contacting potential applicants throughout the year Evaluating Applications Marketing List Recognition Event Tracking applications as they come in Conducting due diligence on applicants Selecting survey questions from applicants’ surveys Administering CTC survey Analyzing survey results Building Independent Review Panel and training them Assigning applications to reviewers Collecting reviews and resolving disagreements Drafting feedback for applicants Developing marketing strategy to announce Honor Roll Placing announcement ad Developing Honor Roll graphics Distributing Honor Roll graphics to companies Drafting press release Following up with media to write articles Giving interviews about individual companies Selecting time, date and city for Recognition Event Planning education for Recognition Event Planning team building for Recognition Event Planning recognition for Recognition Event (drafting description of what each company does best) Coordinating logistics for Recognition Event Honor Roll Honor Roll Network Meeting with Honor Roll Network planning committee to select topics Finding a facilitator Communicating dates, call-in number and topics with Honor Roll “Staffing” call

8 © Center for Companies That Care, 2004 Evaluation Strategy Brainstorming and selecting a CTC Days initiative Establishing participation and other goals Developing strategy to reach goals Identifying potential partners and sponsors Developing fundraising strategy tied to CTC Days Implemen- tation Developing materials for companies to implement CTC Days initiative Conceiving and ordering Giving Store items that help participants celebrate CTC Days Implementing marketing strategy Developing new copy for website Marketing Developing marketing strategy to announce CTC Days Developing email and other marketing materials to encourage companies to participate Drafting press releases Contacting media pre- and post CTC Days Specifying metrics that will be measured Collecting data following initiative Communicating measures of success to media and participants Sponsorships Drafting and delivering sponsorship proposals Day

9 © Center for Companies That Care, 2004 Development Overview July 06 Board Campaign November $250 minimum per board member, to be increased each year Individual Campaign November To: Friends and family From: Board and other CTC friends Honor Roll Campaign November To Honor Roll: We Care campaign ($3000), Sponsorship Menu options Corporate Sponsorships On-going CTC Days, Road Shows, website, table sponsors, sustaining sponsors Foundations On-going Lavin Family Foundation, Stone Foundation, Ruth’s foundation, capacity building grants, grant to have companies adopt high school kids, grant to understand what the needs are in a community, grant to organize retirees to help kids with homework, grants to support CTC Days, grant to create Leadership Roundtables for nonprofits Corporate Foundations On-going Hitachi, HSBC, Cardinal Health, Hewitt, etc. Open Campaigns Fall Employee giving campaigns and matching gifts at Honor Roll cos Giving Store On-going Promotional items for Honor Roll, Day; tools and resources

10 © Center for Companies That Care, 2004 Development Budget Breakdown July 06 Includes: Honor Roll processing fee Honor Roll marketing fee Road Show registration Community Symposium registration Starter Kits Giving Store Includes: Foundations Corporate Foundations Family Foundations Includes: We Care Sponsorships Other corporate sponsorships from Sponsorship menu Honor Roll contributions Includes: Board contributions Individual fundraising Donations through Giving Store Open campaigns

11 © Center for Companies That Care, 2004 Providing marketing support for each of the three pillars – Honor Roll (recruiting and announcement), Exchange (all programs) and CTC Days (recruiting participants, communicating results) Developing and maintaining relationships with the media to cover CTC initiatives Drafting materials for the media Cultivating a media sponsor for CTC Public Relations Strategy Develop and implement marketing strategy to increase visibility of Center for Companies That Care and three pillars Developing and implementing website strategy Developing new copy for and updating website Website Pillar Support Speaker’s Bureau Developing a speaker’s bureau to address “why care” and how to be a CTC Identifying speaking opportunities for MK, board members and Honor Roll companies Submitting speaking proposals Marketing/Visibility Identifying conferences at which to exhibit Developing exhibit materials Following up on leads generated by exhibiting Conferences

12 © Center for Companies That Care, 2004 Finance Establish a short-term and long-term budget Establish proper methods for nonprofit accounting Understand tax filing requirements and follow through Provide a monthly accounting to the Board Oversee bookkeeping

13 © Center for Companies That Care, 2004 Strategy Provide the vision for CTC

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