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2 2 STAR Tests – What is included California Standards Test: CST Students in grades two through eleven are required to take the CSTs unless they have an IEP designating that they take the CMA or CAPA. California Modified Assessment: CMA A student with an IEP in grades three through eleven may take the CMA in one or more content areas if they meet the eligibility criteria and is listed in the IEP. California Alternate Performance Assessment: CAPA Students with significant cognitive disabilities in grades two through eleven with IEP’s stating an alternative form of assessment is required. Standards Test in Spanish: STS English Learners whose identified primary language is Spanish, who have been in U.S. schools less than one year. NOTE: Students taking the STS must also take the CST.

3 3 Test Security Do –Keep the tests secure at all times. –Limit access to the tests and test materials to actual testing sessions. –Collect and account for all test materials BEFORE dismissing students. –Return all test materials to the designated STAR test site coordinator daily upon completion of testing. –Administer the tests in accordance with the directions for test administration. Don’t –Review any test questions, passages, or other test items independently or with students before, during, or after testing. –Disclose, or allow to be disclosed, the contents of the tests to anyone through verbal, written, or any other means of communication. –Copy any part of the tests or test materials. –Permit students to remove test materials from the testing room. –Develop scoring keys or review or score any student responses. The contents of all California STAR test booklets are secure materials. Unauthorized copying or reuse of any California STAR test booklet or of any questions within the booklet is illegal.

4 4 Security Audits At randomly selected schools and district offices Before, during, or after testing Are materials secure, accounted for, and locked up when not in use? Are correct administrative procedures being followed? For example: –Instructional materials have been removed or covered. –Students are not being coached through the exams. –Only appropriate accommodations and/or modifications are being provided, etc. –No unauthorized electronic devices are being used.

5 5 Before Testing Read and sign Security Affidavit Read the Directions for Administration (DFA)

6 6 Before Testing Review students’ IEP’s and 504 Plans –Identify what test students are taking CST, CMA, or CAPA –Identify any accommodation and/or modifications that may be needed –Verify where students will be testing if not testing in your classroom.

7 7 Before Testing Ensure that no instructional materials directly related to the content of the tests are visible to students.

8 8 Before Testing Check out test materials from test site coordinator each day. Materials must be returned each day. No Materials may remain in the classroom.

9 9 REMINDER Materials must be checked in and out each day of testing! NO exceptions

10 10 Testing Schedule DateTimeTest to Administer Insert your test schedule

11 11 During Testing Make sure students clear their desks of all books, electronic devices, and other materials not needed for the test. Desks should be spaced as far apart as possible. Make sure students have and use only number 2 pencils. Place a “Do not disturb” sign on the door and “No unauthorized electronic devices” sign in the classroom.

12 12 During Testing Distribute pre-identified answer documents to the correct students. For students without pre-identified answer documents work with your site coordinator to complete necessary demographic fields.

13 13 During Testing Make sure ALL students complete: -Box 1 – Student Name, School, Test Examiner -Box 10 – Parent Education Level -Version Number - Inside Answer document Grades 5 & 8 -Write name on test booklet Michael Preston Mrs. Ash Cook Elementary GGUSD

14 14 During Testing Follow and read the directions exactly as they are written in the DFA Each part of the test must be administered in a single sitting, with no breaks, unless the student has an IEP or a Section 504 plan that allows for breaks during testing, or the student is an English learner who is eligible to take additional supervised breaks as an allowable test variation. Students must receive the same version of the test each day of testing. Tests are not timed

15 15 During Testing Actively supervise students while they are working on the tests, ensuring that they are marking answers in the correct sections of their answer documents. If necessary, explain the directions, but do not give help on specific test questions. Students who finish early may work on assignments for unrelated subjects, read library books, and so forth. Electronic devices, such as cell phones, may NOT be used until all testing material has been collected.

16 16 Highlighters and Scratch Paper Highlighters Grades 2-3 –It is recommended that students NOT use highlighters because the ink could bleed through the paper and interfere with scoring. If a student uses a highlighter, transcribe the student’s answers and demographic information onto a blank test booklet. Grades 4-11 –Students may use highlighters in test booklets. Scratch Paper Scratch paper may not be used for the English Language Arts or History tests. Scratch paper may be used for the mathematics and science tests –scratch paper may be lined, unlined, or graph paper. Used scratch paper is secure and must be returned to the STAR test site coordinator

17 17 During Testing Notify your Site Test Coordinator and complete a STAR Incident Form for students who are caught cheating. –In the case of a student cheating, the test examiner must stop the cheating; however, the student must be allowed to complete the remainder of the test. After testing, the examiner must mark “C” in Section A2, “Special Conditions,” on the student’s test booklet or answer document and notify the STAR test site coordinator after testing.

18 18 After Testing Account for all test booklets and answer documents before allowing any students to leave the testing room. Collect any scratch paper used during the math or science tests. Verify version number, test taken information, and parent education level are bubbled.

19 19 After Testing Work with your site coordinator to complete boxes A2, A3, and A4 for any special conditions or for any accommodations and/or modifications that were used by students with IEP’s.

20 20 After Testing Examiners cannot erase any marks in response circles. Do NOT darken response circles inside answer documents of grade two and three test booklets. Avoid teaching students in second and third grade to mark through answer circles to eliminate answers. Such marks MAY NOT be erased by adults Erase NOTHING in answer circles

21 21 Mark Discrimination Analysis An automated process completed at the time of answer document scanning Identifies erasures to determine if the response has changed from: –Correct to wrong, or Wrong left wrong –Wrong to wrong, or Correct left Correct –Wrong to correct, or no response From the analyses a report is produced and forwarded to the CDE who in turn request districts to conduct an investigation based on the analyses

22 22 After Testing Return the test materials following the procedure your test site coordinator has established. ALL materials must be returned each day. No Materials may remain in the classroom.

23 23 STAR Testing Video Elementary

24 24 STAR Testing Video Middle School

25 25 ? Questions ?


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