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Welcome! l Engine 8 l Truck 1 l Truck 9 l Quint 1 l Communications l Prevention Staff.

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1 Welcome! l Engine 8 l Truck 1 l Truck 9 l Quint 1 l Communications l Prevention Staff

2 The Arlington Fire Department presents Firefighter Accountability

3 Course Objectives 1. To explain how the system operates. 2. To review the accountability SOP’s. 3. To identify the components. 4. To explain the new SOP’s. 5. To walk through an accountability drill.

4 Entry point into the “Hot Zone” l The location at which a company or team enters the hot zone.

5 Hot Zone l Any area that requires an SCBA, charged line, special protective clothing, or in which a firefighter is at risk of becoming lost, trapped, or injured by the environment or structure. This would include entering a structure reported to be on fire, operating in close proximity to the structure during exterior operations, confined space or trench rescue.

6 Passports

7 PAT’s P ersonnel A ccountability T ags

8 Status Boards

9 P ersonnel A ccountability R eport PAR’s

10 Individual Responsibilities

11 Commitment to Accountability l Accountability involves a personal commitment from everyone on the fire ground to work within the safety system at an incident.

12 Responsibilities Firefighter l Insures helmet reflects assignment. l Insures that PAT is on passport. l Maintains company unity.

13 Responsibilities Apparatus Operator l Insures helmet reflects assignment. l Insures that PAT is on passport. l Maintains company unity. l Collects passports.

14 Responsibilities Company Officer l Insures helmet reflects assignment. l Insures PAT is on passport. l Insures passport reflects assignment. l Insures portable is in SIMM’s. l Maintains company unity. l Keeps IC advised of movement. l Retrieves passport.

15 Responsibilities Division/Accountability Officer l Collects passports. l Accounts for all companies. l Maintains awareness of crews. l Conducts PAR’s.

16 Responsibilities Groups officers l Delivers passport to entry point. l Keeps IC advised of location.

17 Responsibilities Incident commander l Directs company assignments. l Maintains accounting. l Conducts PAR’s at benchmarks. l Assigns RIC’s. l Institutes rescue procedures.

18 Responsibilities Support staff l Report to command post. l Support accountability.

19 Responsibilities Company re-assignments l The company officer must pick up his/ her passport from the accountability entry point and deliver it to next assignment if they have been assigned outside the “Hot zone”.

20 Company Responsibilities

21 First in Company l Is the first accountability point. l Officer leaves passport on the dash. l Officer conducts crew PAR’s. l AO receives passports (entry point). l AO not responsible for PAR’s.

22 Second in Company l Officer delivers passport. l Officer conducts PAR’s. l Must retrieve passport.

23 First in Truck l Takes command. l Delivers passports. l Assumes (becomes) accountability. l Initiates PAR’s.

24 First in Battalion Chief l May leave truck as IC. l Takes IC and accountability. l Assigns staff to accountability. l Conducts PAR’s.

25 Responsibilities Division Officers l Performs accountability functions. l Keeps up with company assignments. l Conduct PAR’s (face to face).

26 Tactical Benchmarks l Are a series of fire ground events that stimulate an accounting or PAR for all companies working on the fire ground.

27 Tactical Benchmarks for conducting PAR’s l Report of missing or trapped. l Change offensive to defensive. l Any sudden hazardous event. l At every 30 minutes. l Report of fire under control. l Reports primary search complete.

28 Conducting/Reporting PAR’s l Follow benchmarks. l Report with benchmark. l Visually insure PAR. l Conduct/report face to face.

29 Rapid Intervention Companies

30 Rapid Intervention Crews l Established on all multiple alarms. l Fresh crew assigned by IC. l Stages at command post. l No other function on the fire ground. l Ready to respond. l Must travel light and move swiftly.

31 Missing, Lost, or Trapped S.O.P’s

32 Missing, Lost, or Trapped Definition l Any company or team suspected of, or being reported as missing, lost, or trapped, or in imminent danger of such, in or around an incident, or within the structure in which they were working.

33 Responsibilities Lost/Trapped Affected company l Declare “Mayday”, ID, location l Activate PASS devices. l Report any noises. l Shout for help. l Tap/beat on surroundings l Turn on flash lights. l Kick legs, move arms.

34 Procedures Lost/Trapped Incident Commander l Have dispatch give the alert tone. l Declares “Mayday”. l Identifies company/location. l Calls for next greater alarm.

35 Responsibilities Lost/Trapped Incident Commander con’t l Initiates the emergency withdrawal. l Conducts PAR. l Sends RIC to last known location. l Assigns fire ground companies.

36 Missing, Lost, or Trapped Fire ground Philosophy Missing, Lost, or Trapped Fire ground Philosophy l Work safely. l Communicate. l Work as a team. l Rescue is the highest priority. l Act swiftly, time is of the essence. l Commit all available resources. l Protect their last known location.

37 Any Questions?

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