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Bicycle Safety Presented by: The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department.

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1 Bicycle Safety Presented by: The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department

2 Helmets Remember you get what you pay for $$$. Since 1986 wearing a helmet has decreased brain injuries by 88%. In 17 states it is the law to wear a recreational helmet for biking, skating, skateboarding, and riding a mini scooter. A bike helmet could save your life. "Don't hit the road without a helmet on."

3 How to Fit a Bicycle Helmet Your objective: Snug, Level, Stable You can't get the most protection from your helmet unless it fits well. You want the helmet to be comfortably touching the head all the way around. Helmets come in many sizes and shapes: egg- shaped, pointy, elongated, narrow, or wide. Use the fit pads. Adjust the straps.

4 What's the best helmet to buy? Consumer Reports has picked Bell, Giro, Troxel (Pro Action) as the safest. We recommend finding a helmet that fits you well, is round and smooth on the outside, and has a CPSC standard sticker inside.

5 When do I need to replace a helmet? Did you crash it? Replace. Is it from the 1980's? Replace. Is the outside just foam or cloth instead of plastic? Replace. Does it lack a CPSC, ASTM or Snell sticker? Replace. Can you not make it fit correctly? Replace!!

6 What other activities can a bike helmet be used for? The ASTM Inline Skating standard is identical to the bicycle helmet standard. Other activities, such as skateboarding, it is not recommended with a bicycling-only helmet. There are multi-purpose helmets on the market that meet Snell's N-94 multi-purpose standard.

7 All Safety Gear Is Important Helmet Elbow Pads Knee Pads Gloves Heavy Clothing Wrist Guards

8 ALWAYS FOLLOW THE RULES OF THE ROAD When you ride your bike in traffic, you are a driver. Ride right - with traffic. Always look back, signal, check for traffic before you make any turns. Stop at all stop signs and traffic lights. Pedestrians get to go first. Yield the right of way.

9 Equipment Check Every time you ride: Check your brakes Tire pressure Make sure your handlebars are tight Seat adjusted No objects in spokes Reflectors not broke

10 Riding at dark Wear reflective clothing. Know the area. Have a light on your bike Rear turn signals

11 Statistics On injuries Everyday at least one child dies in a bike accident. 1,000 are seriously injured each day. Most injuries occur from a simple fall from hitting a pothole or fence post. Remember that a bicycle is a vehicle not a toy.

12 Hand Signals Left Turn : extend left hand and arm parallel to the ground. Right turn : bend left arm upward at elbow, forming a right angle with your body. Stop or slow: extend left arm with hand downward toward the ground

13 Skateboarding Wear safety gear Make sure of the surface you ride on Have permission from property owner Try to ride with at least one friend in case of injury Do not attempt tricks Check your equipment before riding

14 Inline Skating “Rollerblading” Each year nearly 100,000 people are injured from rollerblading (average age 15) Fractures of the wrist and lower arm account for nearly half of all injuries Always were an approved bicycling helmet and pads Avoid heavy traffic areas (vehicles and pedestrian)

15 Inline Skateboarding Manufactures just want money. Inline boarding may become the new sport of the century for extreme gamers. Mobility and speed. Make sure you gear up. Don’t ride something you feel uncomfortable with.

16 Mini Scooters 2000 Fad Small easy to carry Light weight Low center of gravity Extreme sporting Low wheel clearance Asphalt or concrete only

17 Being Safe = Having Fun Follow simple safety rules Remember to always check your equipment Stay alert Be courteous Avoid traffic DON’T TAKE RISKS

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