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1 Kingdoms

2 Kingdoms and Domains There are six Kingdoms Animal Plant Fungi Protist
Archaebacteria Eubacteria

3 Eubacteria Prokaryotic Have cell wall No chloroplast or mitochondria
Unicellular microorganisms Some autotrophic others photosynthetic Ex. Streptococcus, E. Coli

4 Archaea Prokaryote Cell wall No organelles Unicellular
Autotrophs-Chemosynthesis Live in hot springs and thermal vents Mostly found in very extreme environments May have been the first form of life on Earth

5 Eukarya Eukaryotic Some have cell wall Protists
“catch-all” group Can not be classified as plant, animal or fungi Mostly single celled organisms Some are heterotrophic, others are autotrophic (photosynthetic) Eukaryotic Some have cell wall All have mitochondria – some chloroplast. Most unicellular some multicellular Autotroph or heterotroph Ex. Euglena, ameba, paramecium

6 Fungi Eukaryotes Cell wall made of chitin Has mitochondria
Unicellular or Multicellular Heterotrophic Obtains nutrients from dead or decaying matter Examples: Yeast, molds, mushrooms

7 Plants Eukaryotic Cell wall- cellulose Both chloroplast & mitochondria Multicellular Autotrophic (photosynthetic) includes mosses, ferns, conifers, and flowering plants

8 Ex. Worms, insects, mammals
Animals Eukaryotes Do not have cell walls mitochondria Multicellular Heterotrophic Ex. Worms, insects, mammals

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