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Auckland Plan. Hierarchy Strategic direction: Create a strong, inclusive and equitable society that ensures opportunity for all Aucklanders Priority:

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1 Auckland Plan

2 Hierarchy Strategic direction: Create a strong, inclusive and equitable society that ensures opportunity for all Aucklanders Priority: Improve the education, health and safety of Aucklanders, with a focus on those most in need Directive 1.8: Support integrated measures to prevent family violence and create safe families and whanau Where? (Chapter 1, priority 2)

3 Targets By 2020 the number of breaches of the Domestic Violence Act (1995) will have stabilised and by 2040 will have fallen by 40% Reduce the rate of total criminal offences per 10,000 population from 939 in 2010 to 800 in 2040 Decrease the number of child hospitalisations due to injury by 20% by 2025 Increase residents’ perceptions of safety in their neighbourhood from 68% in 2010 to 80% by 2030

4 Text (Paragraph 222) Safety in public and private places is fundamental to a strong and inclusive Auckland. A safe city is one where people want to live, work and study. It attracts enterprise and investment, is socially cohesive, and has strong communities where people care for, nurture, support and trust each other. (223) However, sexual, family and whanau violence in our communities accounts for half of all serious violent crime in New Zealand. Overwhelmingly, family and sexual violence is against women and children. One in three Auckland women will experience physical or sexual violence by a partner in her lifetime, and a quarter of New Zealand children are thought to witness family violence. Some women are at greater risk: those on low incomes and young, disabled, or Maori women and carers of people with severe behavioural problems. The annual cost of family and whanau violence is $5.3 billion, and sexual violence, the most costly of all crimes per incident, costs $1.2 billion each year. (224) Family and sexual violence diminishes our quality of life, is a major cause of wasted potential, and a violation of human rights. An integrated approach to preventing and stopping violence against women and children is essential. NGOs and government agencies provide a number of innovative national and local programmes to address the issues. The Auckland Council will strengthen its collaboration with these agencies and communities, to make Auckland a safer place.

5 Actions Work with partners and the community to support, develop and implement projects that address community safety Encourage urban development projects that utilise ‘crime prevention through environmental design’ principles Develop and integrated, multi-sector action plan for Auckland to prevent and eliminate sexual, family and whanau violence  Funding from the Mayor’s office Where? (Addendum table 6: Action lists arising all chapters of the Auckland Plan)

6 Long-term Plan (LTP) and Annual Plan

7 What are the LTP and Annual Plan? Outline the budget for implementing council strategies, policies etc. Ultimately, the council’s contribution to realising the Auckland Plan LTP = 10 year plan Annual Plan = annual revision

8 Relevant references “Council will also be developing a range of policies and strategies over the next several years focused on communities of interest, including older persons, youth, disabled persons and migrants. Resourcing to help facilitate community responses to the prevention of family and sexual violence is also included.” The Hibiscus and Bays Local Board and the Whau specifically mention family violence while all other Local Boards refer to community safety Where? (Volume 2, Chapter 11.7)

9 Unitary Plan

10 What is the Unitary Plan? Council’s key tool to manage development on land and water Will have a direct impact on the shape of the city and the quality of Auckland’s built and natural environment Will replace the existing district and regional plans and policies of the former councils with consistency across Auckland and simplified rules Discussion draft will be released for informal public feedback in March 2013

11 Thriving Communities Auckland Council’s role in supporting communities to flourish

12 Development process Oct-Nov 2012 Feb-March 2013 June 2013 Phase 1 Discussion Document Phase 2 Draft strategic action plan Phase 3 Adopt and implement

13 Council is clear about its roles e.g: - Funder - Capacity builder - Facilitator - Broker etc Council has the capability, skills, capacity and systems needed Dramatically accelerate the prospects of Auckland’s children and young people Strongly commit to environment action and green growth Move to outstanding public transport within one network Radically improve the quality of urban living Substantially improve living standards for all Aucklanders and focus on those most in need Significantly lift Māori social and economic well-being Enhance democratic participation and community involvement   Promote and maximise social outcomes X 10 Support ground up community action TRANSFORMATIONAL SHIFTS STRATEGIC ACTION PLAN OBJECTIVES STRATEGIC ACTIONS Principles

14 Current situation and look at promising practice ABCD Asset transfer Community economic development – including local economic development and social enterprise Co-production Crowdsourcing Match-funding Participatory budgeting Procurement, including living wage

15 Questions Where are the eight principles that council should demonstrate and support? What are council’s strengths? What are the roles that council should play? What barriers do communities and NGOs face in engaging council on community and social initiatives? What are the strategic actions that will enable us to meet the transformational shifts in the Auckland Plan and the three objectives of this strategic action plan? What skills, capability, skills, capacity and systems does council need to be successful in its strategic actions? Where are the opportunities for the big transformational shifts?

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