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1 Classroom Expectations – Guiding Students to Succeed.

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1 1 Classroom Expectations – Guiding Students to Succeed

2 What Do You Expect at CCRI?

3 What to Expect at CCRI Smaller class sizes that create an excellent learning environment for students Professionally trained and degreed professors and instructors – many with practical, real world experience that compliments academic theory Flexible course schedules offered through four campuses, on-line, television, day, evening, and weekends Accredited and nationally recognized associate degree and certificates programs of study

4 What Do You Think You Need to Do to Succeed?

5 Top Four Personal Actions Needed for Success… 1. Show Up! 2. Be Prepared for Class 3. Act Professionally 4. Ask for Help

6 Classroom Expectations: Show Up! Read the course syllabus – some instructors have attendance and tardiness policies – know the policy Inform the instructor prior to class if you will be absent Identify a classmate to give you assignments or notes in case of absence

7 Unlike most high school experiences, participating in college classes requires a great deal of time outside of class. For every hour in class, you should spend at least 2 hours studying outside of class. A typical class meets for 2.5 hours per week: 2.5h of class x 2h studying = 5 hours 2.5h class + 5h studying = 7.5 hours per week for one class If you are registered for five courses (full-time) the amount of class and study time is 37.5 hours per week! That’s a full-time job! Classroom Expectations: Be Prepared for Class

8 Many science and math based classes meet for longer periods of time and cover difficult material. Plan on spending at least 3 hours studying for each hour of class. For example: Human Anatomy is a four credit class – it has a 3 hour lecture and a 3 hour lab requirement. Many students report spending at least 12 – 18 hours per week preparing for this class! Classroom Expectations: Math & Science Classes

9 Mathematics courses are offered in a traditional lecture format and in a math lab format. Math lab format is a system of instruction where students learn at their own rate; slower learners are not pressured to keep up with the class, while faster learners are not held back. Schedule is flexible and students may finish early, on time or extend past the semester to complete the course. Students must be disciplined and attend their math lab hours and possibly attend additional hours if necessary. Classroom Expectations: Math & Science Classes

10 Class Expectations Be Prepared for Class Purchase your textbook prior to the start of class Read and complete assignments prior to each class Consult your syllabus and use a calendar to track your course due dates such as tests & assignments Build into your weekly calendar time to study Study on-campus if your home is too chaotic or distracting Study in small chunks of time every week – don’t cram!

11 Classroom Expectations: Be Professional Be considerate of your classmates and teacher – turn off cell phone, pager, and refrain from texting or web surfing in class Arrive to class on-time and be prepared for class Dress appropriately – now is the time to integrate into your wardrobe professional and appropriate clothing that reflects the world of work for which you are preparing for Don’t interrupt speakers in your class Do your own work – no plagiarism

12 Classroom Expectations: Asking for Help A crucial mistake often made by students is not asking for help or not asking for help early – the end of the semester can produce a lot of stress – do not wait to ask for help or put off doing your assignments to the last minute.

13 Classroom Expectations: Asking for Help If you are experiencing difficulty in class speak to your instructor! If you are embarrassed to speak up in class use another means of communicating; after class, email or telephone – we can’t help you if we don’t know you need help…don’t wait until your first quiz or test…speak up as soon as you start to feel lost Request a tutor early in the semester – before your mid-term exams & grades (Tutors are available at no cost to CCRI students)

14 Classroom Expectations Asking for Help The Student Success Center * offers peer tutoring and study skill workshops at no cost to CCRI students Advising & Counseling Department can offer a whole range of counseling services including academic, career, and personal counseling at no cost to CCRI students *Please visit for more information

15 Classroom Expectations: Your Academic Success Our faculty and staff are committed to ensuring student success—achieved through support services, access to education, and teaching excellence. A CCRI education not only helps students improve their career prospects, but it also makes transfer to some of our country’s finest four-year colleges possible.

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