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The Natural way for Secure Mobile Email v.1.4

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1 The Natural way for Secure Mobile Email v.1.4

2 Slide 2 ActiveSync Shield overview Secure Mobile Email solution for over the air connecting device to Exchange. Server side solution with no client install requirements Natural Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) solution Compatible with any mobile device -iOS (iPhone, iPad), Android, Windows Phone, Nokia etc. Uses favorite device's familiar native mail client. Low enrollment and implementation costs

3 Slide 3 Security issues addressed DLP-Data Leak Prevention- Content protection Mobile Access Control- Two Factor Authentication Active Directory protection- Network security Antivirus scanning- Malware protection Available either as an add-on to the Microsoft Forefront security server family (ISA/TMG/IAG/UAG) or with a proprietary pluggable Reverse Proxy platform (Bastion).

4 Slide 4 Main features ActiveSync Protocol filtering – manage content syncing Two Factor Authentication Webmail - DLP solution Content inspection and manipulation Virus inspection Attachment encryption Self registration & admin enrollment/ auditing site

5 Slide 5 Content filtering features Manage dynamic content filtering rules by: AD group membership Device type (iPhone, android..) Device mail client (such as Touchdown) Regular expression rules Manage rules priority order Each rule can hold different content policy Minimize content leaving network to minimum required and to necessary users.

6 Slide 6 Content filtering features (cont.) Filter all Exchange objects: Mail Attachments Events Tasks Contacts.

7 Slide 7 Content filter features (cont.) Filter attachments in mail and calendar events Manage a list of permitted attachment file types Allow specific file types per rule Filter by words in subject and body of mail and calendar events Checks entire message body, even if client doesn’t initially request full message

8 Slide 8 Content filter features (cont.) Allow meeting requests to be received even when email is blocked Filter by the sender's domain name Block internal mail leaking out Filter by mail headers

9 Slide 9 Protector Basic - Architecture

10 Slide 10 Content inspection - Antivirus Check mail content by Anti Virus before reaching Exchange and before reaching device via ICAP protocol

11 Slide 11 Content manipulation- Encryption server Strip attachments out of message Send to external encryption server Attach files back into message Encryption server Exchange server ActiveSync Protector Mobile Device

12 Slide 12 DLP- ActiveSync Webmail Unique DLP solution avoids storing content on device by converting email body to web display Uses native email client Content immediately blocked in case of stolen or lost device Attachments are converted to links No remote wipe technical issues and personal data issues

13 Slide 13 DLP- ActiveSync Webmail (cont) Mail content dynamically fetched upon request and not stored on ActiveSync Shield gateway server Active Directory password not stored on gateway Integrated with Mobile Access Control filter for secure authentication Access control layer requiring web login Authentication timeout can be configured.

14 Slide 14 Two Factor authentication Based on Device ID sent by protocol Additional device identification factor: Solution places a unique key on device, which is verified with each sync Several registration/ enrolment options to enforce access control policy based on matching phone and user.

15 Slide 15 Access Control – Enrollment Support several access control policies: Automatic Registration – Device ID is registered upon first use of account. Two steps registration process: Two Step Registration – User registers on internal site and then must sync within a defined time frame to complete registration. Admin Manual Enrollment – Admin management of user list using training mode and rejected auditing list.

16 Slide 16 Two Steps Registration

17 Slide 17 Access Portal admin View approved & blocked users Block specific users Product settings Allow duplicate users per device Two level admin- local domain admin Reports Search

18 Slide 18 Admin user management

19 Slide 19 Active Directory Protection Custom Login – User creates credentials on internal site for use on device instead of Active Directory credentials. Use cases: Avoid using internal credentials outside organization Avoid storing and using Active Directory credentials on device. Active Directory password lockout protection. Solution for organizations using smart card login

20 Slide 20 Product components Mobile Access Control Protector Consumer Access Portal Bastion reverse proxy

21 Slide 21 Two step registration Architecture

22 Slide 22 Custom Login/Webmail - Architecture

23 Slide 23 Bastion Reverse proxy forwarding traffic to the configured backend servers Pluggable filtering architecture Filters HTTP(S) Scalable Event-Driven Architecture Can publish multiple servers in parallel Highly efficient asynchronous architecture Bi-directional content filtering Cross-platform

24 Slide 24 Bastion (cont) Geared towards full-featured HTTP filtering Most reverse proxy solutions are geared towards web acceleration Supports many HTTP features and scenarios Chunked, gzip and deflate Transfer-Encodings. Pipelining Supports filtering content, blocking content or generating proxy responses anytime during the filtering chain (unlike TMG and UAG, for instance).

25 Slide 25 AGAT Security suite - Overview ActiveSync Shield is part of AGAT Security suite. AGAT Security suite is a set of unique components that allow extending Forefront (ISA/TMG IAG/UAG) functionality to solve complex architectures and requirements, typically implemented in large, complex and well secured networks. To learn more about our solutions please visit our website at http://www.agatSolutions.com

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