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2 Social Harmony – Revision Checklist What you need to Know Keywords Social issues on sexism Christianity & role of women Islam & role of women Social issues on racism Christian views on racial harmony Christian views on racial freedom Islamic views on racial harmony Islamic views on racial freedom

3 Keywords equality sexism Multi-ethnic society prejudice discrimination racism Racial harmony Multi-faith society Religious freedom Religious pluralism

4 Social Facts on Sexism From 1918+ women fought for equal rights e.g. parliament/vote Women played important role during WWII – men fighting in Europe/Pacific Common view post WWII – men should take preference over women e.g. jobs 1960’s onwards this view challenged; Contraceptive pill 1970 Equal Pay Act 1975 Sex Discrimination Act 1996 Employment Rights Act

5 Christianity – Role of Women REMEMBER ALL CHRISTIANS DO NOT THINK THE SAME Evangelical Protestants – men/women should have different roles. They believe Bible should be followed strictly, so; Women – bring up children & make Christian home Women should accept husband is superior Women should attend church – put take no part in leading service Protestants believe men & women – equal role home/church e.g. women at crucifixion. Therefore believe in women priests Roman Catholics – men and women have equal roles in life but not church

6 Islam – Role of Women Women have equal rights to men but different roles Men and women are not exactly the same; Men physically stronger than women Women can become pregnant & bear children Woman's role; Marry/have children. Care 4 husband. Bring children up – good Muslims. Qur'an- not forbid women to work e.g. Prophet Muhammad's wife Women not obliged to attend mosque but many do. Can attend Hajj. Man’s role; Marry/have children. Provide for family Men – ensure children attend madrasah & take son’s to mosque.

7 Social Facts on Racism Through history – UK absorbed different Nations e.g. Romans/Vikings British Empire saw links with many countries. In 1950’s invited many workers from Pakistan, West Indies etc to help with the economy. Racism – illegal e.g. 1976 Race Relations Act Illegal to discriminate –race, colour etc in terms of housing, jobs etc Act saw setting up of Commission for Racial Equality Racism in Britain – becoming more socially unacceptable e.g. Celeb BB Multicultural Britain; Diverse culture- food, music, clothes Diverse ethnic groups are members of religions/public groups etc

8 Christian views on Racial Harmony/Religious Freedom Racial Harmony. Christians believe; God created humans in own image – all are Gods creation Examples-Good Samaritan/African carried Jesus cross So…Christians should not be racist…because Jesus not racist Christian attitudes to other religions; Exclusivism – only those who follow Christianity will go to heaven ‘I am the way, the truth, and the life; no one goes to the Father except by me’ John 14:6 Inclusivism – Religion do help people – Christianity only has the complete answer – view held by Roman Catholics Pluralism – no religion is superior to others. People have free will. ‘There are many rooms in my Father’s house’ John !4:2

9 Islamic Views on Racial Harmony/Religious Freedom Racial Harmony; Muslims believe all prejudice is wrong – everyone is God’s creation Prophet Muhammad married black African Muslim All Muslims belong to the ummah – brotherhood of Islam – no matter what race/colour/nationality e.g. Hajj Islamic views on other religions; Islam teaches that everyone is born Muslim But nobody should be forced to follow a particular religion – ‘free will’ Muslims believe that Islam is the only correct path to God. Jews/Christians view on God have become distorted – ‘people of the book’ & are respected. Those who accept Islam – go to heaven. Therefore people need to convert – but not forced


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