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Social Informatics VET Portal Service Delivery Proposal.

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1 Social Informatics VET Portal Service Delivery Proposal

2 Project Outcome

3 Create a platform where all stakeholders can collaborate using latest social media tools to improve: -Interaction between JSA, JSP, Job Seekers and Trainer (Training Agencies) - Training facilities for job seekers; use of online and mobile facilities to facilitate training as much as possible. - Social skills of job seekers to make the more adaptable to society.

4 Tools

5 Social Media : -Web 2.0 -Social Network -Mobile Technology -Integrated into VET training portal -User communities -Wikis -Interactive & media rich training modules -Social networking -Blogs -Pod & video casts

6 Our Focus

7 Training Job Seekers -Stream based training -Use of technologies like cloud to have centrally located training content accessible everywhere to job seekers -Use of mobile platform to enable job seekers access training material on the go. -Provide class room style training to job seekers who need help in using the above mentioned tools.



10 Proposed System An Online Portal Integrates four modules: -Customised online training module -Social Networking module -Skills and job module -JSA Wiki A mobile app that helps seeker access most relevant content from each of the above category on mobile devices such as cell phones and tablets


12 Proposed System Customised Training Module: -Will have training schedule for job seeker based on EPP. -Will facilitate trainings online -Will suggest trainings based on job seeker’s social networking content and inclination, -The training module will also be able track progress of job seeker, advising seeker requirements to proceed to next level. -Job search based training. Some training material will also be available on mobile devices via mobile apps of JSA on various mobile platform.

13 Proposed System Social Networking Module: -Will enable job seekers interact with other job seekers, trainers and employers. -Form online social communities and participate in forums to discuss various aspects of life and job seeking -Follow and Interact with employers promoting themselves amongst portal social networking.

14 Proposed System Jobs and Skill Module: -Will enable employers to post jobs under different classification -Will enable job seekers to view posted add, -Every job seeker will have an individual job profile, accessible to employers. Job seekers can upload there resume and update their skill set in it.

15 Proposed System JSA Wiki: -Will enable knowledge sharing amongst all stake holders

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