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What are the individual country goals? MLS 14 Oct 2013.

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1 What are the individual country goals? MLS 14 Oct 2013

2 Josie, Venkat and Saboohi- UK 1.BYOD? And type of technology used? Do you use your own device and would you be happy to use it for training? 2.When do they do the training? Own time/Work time? Would you be happy to study in your own time? 3.Network/peer to peer learning forums, collaborations between peer groups to establish learning. Can this be added as a channel or an extension of a channel? Secure Social Media, tapestry approach? Wiki? Blog? Google+ 4.Interactivity and knowledge transfer. Has it happened? Has learning taken place? Or has it been just information transfer? Knowledge transfer as to where to seek information if needed? 5.What has been the preferred channel that were used? Would it been different it the length of the programme was different? 6.Is the preference of use of he channels be reliant on the content that is delivered? 7.Is you preference of the channel use reliant on circumstances?

3 Venkat- MLS India In the context of the disaster preparedness and cyclone relief, they have printed notes and materials. They will use the technology to drive hat learning to those who will be first responders. What they will evaluate is the use of multichannel options. DISAM content will not be directly relevant to the audience. Focus will be on the concept evaluation of the multi-channels. Question will be around which is method of delivery is used more: F2F, Web Based, App Based, Mock drill transfer and the analysis of it ( video, audio).

4 Timo -Germany How the content is presented?Interactability? Getting back to the page they left? Operational aspect of the mediums and usability of it

5 Georgia- Content and how it influence choices? Has learning taken place? Comparison of the use of different divices from within the same category. ie have they used in the smartphone category iphones or androids, etc Can we define an optimal number of questions /pages are useful for learning?

6 Noor-Jordan What is the students preference? The efficiency of the channel? V Preference? Can the content has a section that is different in each channel? Ask direct questions if the specific content that is delivered in a different format?

7 Remi- Canada Can either social channel be included or to be asked if there was a preference Is social media used differently amongst different cultures? Sub questions to establish that?

8 More from Venkat Can the portal be used for content development? Further content access? Can each and ever country has a course catalogue? With possibility for further interaction with the use of social media?

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