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Running Start Information Meeting March 3, 2015

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1 Running Start Information Meeting March 3, 2015

2 Running Start Information Meeting
Welcome! Here is tonight’s agenda: What is Running Start? Potential pros and cons of Running Start Process for Running Start enrollment Panel of current Running Start Students Questions & Answers: MTHS Counselor MTHS Running Start Students EdCC Running Start Advisor

3 What is Running Start? Allows 11th and 12th grade students to take college classes at any community or technical college in the state, and most or all of the tuition is covered. Students earn college credit while meeting high school graduation requirements.

4 How does Running Start work?
Students must apply and take a placement test. Students make appointments to meet with their high school counselor before every quarter to determine registration for classes. Students can attend full-time or part-time. Students can still participate in high school sports. Students should register early, as classes fill up and enrollment is not guaranteed. Both in-class and online courses qualify. 1.20 FTE limit = 3 free college credits each quarter.

5 How does Running Start work?
If you do not take 11th grade US History at MTHS, you will need complete a WA State History through eLearning or an additional approved Running Start class. The high school counselor will work with you on this. A list of approved Running Start courses and the high school credit equivalency areas is available on both the EdCC website and MTHS Counseling website. Students can log into Skyward and click on Graduation Requirements to see which high school requirements are being covered by current and past Running Start classes.

6 How does Running Start work?
Warning: students need to follow the exact course registration listed on their high school enrollment form. Taking less classes or different classes could affect their ability to graduate on time.

7 Grades and Records Grades for Running Start paid classes are sent to both the high school college transcript. Most college courses are 5 credits, so a B in one college course is equal to a B in two semester high school courses. Running Start students must earn a 2.0 grade point average each quarter to avoid probation/suspension.

8 Parental Access to Information
No student information will be released to anyone unless the student provides written permission or the parents establish the student’s dependency by completing an affidavit available at the EdCC Enrollment Services Office (Lynnwood Hall, first floor). Parents may discuss the Running Start student’s final quarter grades and academic progress with the high school counselor. College instructors are not available to speak with parents regarding academic progress of a student.

9 RS vs. TP vs. CHS vs. AP Running Start: take courses at the college, tuition free but fees still exist, credits added to college transcript Tech Prep: take courses at the high school, pay a fee to have professional technical credits added to college transcript, high school grade = college grade College in the High School: take courses at the high school, pay a fee to have transferable credits added to college transcript, high school grade = college grade AP: take courses at the high school, take an exam at the end of the course, exam score accepted for college credit and/or higher placement at most colleges.

10 With privilege comes responsibility: Is Running Start a risky investment?
Risks? Fewer assignments Less teacher flexibility Less fin aid eligibility Fall further behind Transcript/GPA damage Rewards? Less distractions More adult discussions College tuition savings Earn credits faster Good GPA = good start

11 Edmonds Community College
11,800 total student body 30 years old average student age 35% students of color 53% female / 47% male 81% live within 8 miles of campus 22:1 student to instructor ratio 750 running start students (6%)

12 EdCC Running Start Eligibility
ALL applicants must take a placement test: Accuplacer/ LOEP. Reading, writing and math skills are assessed. All students are admitted to the Running Start program. With that said, students must meet course prerequisites in order to register for those courses. The EdCC Running Start office will provide you with lists of courses that you qualify for depending on your placement scores. Those lists are also on the Running Start website.

13 EdCC Running Start Costs
Students pay for: Textbooks and supplies Quarterly & Class Fees Excess credit Transportation Full-time students may pay several hundred dollars per quarter Low-income students may qualify for fee waivers: Complete form from the Running Start website and return to the Running Start office (Lynnwood Hall, Room 235) Documentation is required (F/R lunch letter, tax return)

14 EdCC Running Start Process
Apply for “new student admission” online Take the placement test and go talk to Running Start staff to receive list of eligible courses. Complete the online Running Start orientation Meet with high school counselor, bring placement test results, and fill out the running start quarterly enrollment form Submit all paperwork to the EdCC Running Start office in order to register for classes The EdCC Running Start office will accept paperwork beginning March 16th (remember that college classes may fill up quickly).

15 EdCC Campus Info & Resources
Bus vs. Parking: It can be tough to find parking on campus. Bus passes are available from the EdCC EdPass office for $25 your first quarter, $15 each quarter after that. Academic Advising: This degree planning service is available to all students, including running start students. Running Start: start there for most initial questions. Tutoring Center: available for all students. Professor office hours: see the course syllabus for weekly office hours and contact information. Mental Health Counseling: available for all students. Note that they will stabilize and refer to outside/private counselors.



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