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Education System in America and Vietnam

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1 Education System in America and Vietnam
Prepared by: Tri, Nguyen (Eric) ESL 156 Comparative Cultures Studies Instructor: Lyra Riabovcc

2 Outline The Education Ladder Terminology 1. College and University
Public and Private School Education Systems in Comparison Attending a College Uniform Learning Style Education Value Summary References Information on US is also based on the interview of SNHU students

3 Interview of SNHU Students
Eric – Sara – Cory

4 Education Ladder Preschool: at age 3 or 4 Kindergarten: at age 5
Elementary school: 6 years Middle school: 2 years High school: 4 years Community college: 2 years College or university: 4 years plus Pre-primary school: age 3 to 5 Primary school: 5 years Middle school: 4 years High school: 3 years Technical school: 2 years College: 3 years University: 4 year plus

5 College and University
About 3000 different colleges and universities No difference between college and university Difference between college and community college: Community college: 2 years => Associate Degree College: 4 year plus => Bachelor, Master and PhD Degree About 210 universities College: 3 years => Associate Degree University: 4 years plus => Bachelor, Master and PhD Degree

6 Public and Private School
Public: 90% >< Private: 10% From elementary to high school: Public: no tuition Private: tuition From college plus: Public: low tuition Private: higher tuition Public: 89% >< Non-public: 11% From elementary to high school: Public: low tuition Private: higher tuition From college plus: Not always but private school is better than public school Private school is often high standard school

7 Attending to a College Choosing major by themselves
Take SAT test => apply to suitable colleges which require SAT score 3 subjects: Math, Writing and English Can reduce time school by taking more credits Choosing major by negotiating with parents, even by parents After 3 high school years: attend graduation test 6 subjects: Math, Literature, Foreign Language (mostly English), and 3 more Take an university entrance examination Can reduce time school due to university’s policy

8 Uniform From elementary to high school: Public: no uniform
Private: for religious school From college plus: Private: no uniform From elementary to high school: Public: uniform Private: uniform From college plus: Public: no uniform Private: no uniform No religious school

9 Learning Style Active Free to raise ideas and opinion respectful
Focus on solving problem and critical-thinking skills A large of extracurricular activities Learn how to compete successful Quiet A little afraid of showing opinion in class Focus on testing Less extracurricular activities Lean for achieving academic offerings

10 Value of Education The monetary value of education
Educating the individual Racial equality Multicultural education Studious Venerated teacher Proper behavior

11 Summary There are some differences between two education systems
Both of them have advantages and disadvantages American education: focus on solving problem skills Vietnamese education: focus on achieving academic offerings Available opportunities for both of them

12 References
American Ways: Chapter 9 Maryanne Kearny Datesman, Joann Crandall, Edward N.Kearny Video Learning in America Lecture American Higher Education

13 Education System in America and Vietnam

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