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American system of education

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1 American system of education

2 It is mainly the responsibility of the individual states ( for administration and curriculum), but the Federal Government gives money to schools - It means that the system of education is not unified The schools are controlled by an elected local body called „ SCHOOL BOARD“ ( parents ) and the city and the state

3 Types of schools: 1. Public ( majority ) – financed by state or local government – FREE 2. Private – CHARGE HIGH TUITION FEES 3. Private – Church- much cheaper - The first type are mixed schools, the second and the third one are single- sex

4 Pre-school and elementary education
Children start school at the age of five 1. kindergarten 2. nursery school They are from 3 up to 6

5 Compulsory education – at the age of 6
Elementary ( 6 – 11) and secondary schools – comprehensive – no selection of children Children at elementary schools learn to read, write, do arithmetic, elementary science, history, geography, PE, art, crafts and music Years are called GRADES

6 Secondary education Middle schools ( 11-14 )- just somewhere
High schools : 1. Junior high ( 12-15) 2. High schools ( ) Subjects – English, modern languages, mathematics, science, history, geography, business, home management, computer science

7 Qualification HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA – succesful completing of a broad secondary education GENERAL EDUCATION DIPLOMA – after passing an examination SCHOLASTIC APTITUDE TEST- in math and English – to select students for college or university

8 Higher education Community colleges Vo-techs Universities Colleges
Technical colleges

9 Community colleges General, vacational and semi-profesional education for people with High school diploma 2 years AA- Associate of Arts degree

10 Vo-techs Vocational technical schools
From 6 months to 2 years - courses

11 Universities and colleges
Applicants selected on the basis of the high school transcript and teacher´s recommedation – interviews, test results and essays Undergraduate courses of 4 years of study

12 DEGREE TITLES Bachelor´s degree – BA – of arts BS- of science
After 4 years . Master´s degrees – after 1-3 years . Doctoral degrees – 1-5 years

13 The oldest and the most respected universities
Harward College of William and Mary Yale University University of Pennsylvania Princeton University College of Columbia

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