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A family conflict. Where is Julia? What is she doing?

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1 A family conflict

2 Where is Julia? What is she doing?

3 Julia has a problem. Her friend, Sandy, wants to go shopping at Macy's instead of going to class tomorrow. Julia would like to go shopping too, because the sales end later in the week. But Julia thinks it's important to stay in school, for many reasons. Can you think of some of the reasons why you might want not to skip classes, if you were Julia?

4 Prepare the dialogue! Sandy wants to convince Julia to skip classes. Julia thinks it's important not to skip class, but she likes the idea of going shopping too! Use expressions of persuasion to prepare your conversation, taking the roles of Sandy and Julia. Word box: Would you like to (do) Don't you think it's a good idea to… ? We should (do) We can't (do) Your parents will never know that… Our (subject) teacher is so… (adj)

5 The next day… Julia and Sandy have been shopping… Even though Julia is very worried. She knows that what she's doing is wrong!

6 Her father Tom was supposed to be at work, but suddenly…

7 Prepare the dialogue! Imagine the discussion between Tom and Julia. Think about what you would say, if you were Tom or Julia. What sort of excuses would you make to explain why you skipped school? Think about the threats or punishment that you could use, if you were Julia's father. How could you convince your daughter never to skip classes again?

8 Prepare the dialogue Julia feels very guilty about what she has done. Tom feels very angry because his daughter has broken the rules. Word box: Questions: What? Where? Why? Obligation or advice: must (do), should (do), can't (do) Threats: If you don't… If you ever… again… Permission: Allow you to (do), forbid you to (do) Regrets: I'm sorry… Forgive me for (doing) I should not have (done), How stupid I was to (do)! Reproach: How could you (do), How awful of you to (do) Why didn't you (do), You shouldn't (do/ have done) Complaints: I can't bear you (doing), I've had enough of (sth) I'm fed up with (sth/ you doing), Enough is enough!

9 A family conflict Conception: Philip Benz

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