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Literary Selection Scoring Contest

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1 Literary Selection Scoring Contest

2 A conflict encountered by Newt and Catherine in “Long Walk to Forever” is Catherine’s wedding. She is to marry Henry Stewart Chasens, whom she thinks she loves. After Newt’s revelations of his feelings, Catherine tries to convince Newt she really loves Henry. Catherine says, “Many, many, many things are good about Henry! I love Henry and I don’t have to argue his merits with you!”

3 Score Point: 2

4 One conflict that Newt and Catherine face is that they both love each other, but they can not be together because Catherine loves someone else also and she is getting married to that person.

5 Score Point: 1

6 Newt and Catherine grew up together or next door to each other but Catherine’s mother doesn’t like Newt and he talked Catherine into running away to North Carolina and they would meet there later and get married.

7 Score Point: O

8 A conflict that Newt and Catherine face in “Long Walk to Forever” is that Newt loves Catherine, “because I love you (Newt paragraph 47)”, but she is getting married soon. “I’m getting married, Newt” (Catherine paragraph 12).

9 Score Point: 2

10 Catherine’s life is in turmoil once Newt reappears and belatedly declares his love for her. His timing is awful; Catherine is to be married to another man in one week. “I love you,” he said...”Too late,” she said. But Newt, who risks “thirty days in the stockade” refuses to give Catherine up. In the end he wins her love. “She ran to him, put her arms around him, could not speak.”

11 Score Point: 3

12 One conflict faced by Newt and Catherine is that maybe they can’t be together because Newt is in the Army and she doesn’t want that.

13 Score Point: 0

14 One conflict is Newt loves Catherine, but Catherine is going to get married.

15 Score Point: 1

16 He moved away, and now she is getting married so even though they are in love they can’t ever be together.

17 Score Point: 0

18 The one conflict that Newt and Catharine face is that Catharine is getting married and Newt tells her that he loves her. Catharine tried to persuade Newt and herself that she is not in love with Newt. From the story though, at the end you can tell that she in fact loves Newt back.

19 Score Point: 1

20 The biggest conflict Newt and Catharine face is that Catharine is getting married in a week. This stops Catharine from expressing her love for Newt because she’s hesitant of facing the consequences of canceling her wedding. In lines 55 and 57, she says that if someone had heard Newt talking to her that way, a week before the wedding, they would think he was crazy. She’s afraid of the controversy loving Newt might stir up.

21 Score Point: 2

22 How did you do?

23 Writing a "3" Response: Restate the question and fill in the blank with your answer: One conflict Newt and Catharine face is ________. Choose a quote that proves your answer is correct. Explain why you believe your quote answers the question: This shows that…..

24 Check your own response...
Did you restate the question? Did you choose a quote for proof or paraphrase a line from the story? Did you explain your reasons for choosing your answer and the quote? What score point would you honestly give your answer?

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