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Progressive 15 Burlington, Colorado April 17, 2009 Bob Mailander.

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1 Progressive 15 Burlington, Colorado April 17, 2009 Bob Mailander


3 Leading Colorado to a New Energy Economy by advancing energy efficiency, renewable and clean energy resources  Implementing energy conservation & efficiency programs statewide  Helping to attract and develop renewable energy industry in Colorado  Working with community groups, local governments, businesses and residents to build a sustainable future  Supporting the Legislature and the Public Utilities Commission to remove barriers to renewable energy investment  Developing an infrastructure to support the New Energy Economy The Governor’s Energy Office

4  Helping communities identify energy and conservation resources  Helping communities promote and implement renewable energy and conservation projects and practices  Because the New Energy Economy is for all Coloradoans  It’s about Economic Development GEO- working in all 64 Counties

5 Considerations for Future Energy Development  Population Growth  New energy uses  Climate change/water availability  Federal regulations and taxes  Interstate transmission corridors  Alternative market structure  Competing demands for water and energy

6 GEO Programs Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Programs:  Electric & Gas Utilities  Public Buildings  Residential Buildings  Income-Based Energy Services  Renewable Energy & Local Fuels  Greening Government  Colorado Carbon Fund  Energy Policy, Legislation, Resources & Funding.

7 Renewable Energy Opportunities for Rural Colorado Over 30 million acres of farmland and 22 million forested acres - Biofuels-Ethanol & Biodiesel - Woody Biomass - Anaerobic digestion - Wind - Solar - Small Hydro - Geothermal - Colorado Carbon Fund Support

8 American Recovery & Reinvestment Act  Economic Stimulus targeted at key investments  Economic Stimulus targeted at key investments:  Counter-Cyclical Funds  Flexible Funds  Health & IT  Transportation Infrastructure  Alternative Energy RD&D  Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (New Energy Economy)

9 Formulaic Federal Energy Grants

10 Weatherization Programs  To Promote Energy Efficiency in Homes  $81M available  Lower eligibility threshold (200% poverty rate)  Increases assistance limits from $2,500 to $6,500 per household  Targeted at all 64 Counties  8 Weatherization Agencies will be delivering services  Options for subcontracting and outsourcing  Working closely with partner organizations

11 State Energy Program  State Energy Program (SEP)  State portion $50M  Primary way in which Colorado offers conservation/efficiency and renewable energy programs

12 SEP Investment Strategy Address Barriers to broad scale deployment of energy efficiency and renewable energy  Address Barriers to broad scale deployment of energy efficiency and renewable energy:  ACCESS TO INFORMATION where do I start?, who do I call?, what do I do? what incentives are available? How much does it cost? how do I pay for it?  ACCESS TO CAPITAL/FINANCING up front costs, subsidized commercial financing, sb 184 implementation, assistance for performance contracting, loosen credit market  ACCESS TO SERVICES workforce development, training, certification, business expansion into underserved areas, advancing new energy economy curricula

13 Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant (EECBG)  $3.2 Billion Nationwide  $31.1 Million in formula distribution in Colorado  $9.6 Million in competitive grants  Formula: 68% directly to cities over 35,000 and counties over 200,000 population 12% to state energy offices 16% to state energy offices for distribution to communities under 35k & 200k 2% Tribal Governments 2% Competitive

14 Transparency and Accountability  Rigorous Transparency and Accountability Requirements  Every dollar expended under the Recovery Act will be tracked and analyzed for impact   

15 Please call or email with questions: Governor's Energy Office 1580 Logan St., Suite 100 Denver, CO 80203 P: (303) 866-2100 Bob Mailander 970-371-3939

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