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Introducing the Mechatronics Club Promoted by Reggio Emilia Industrial Association (part of Confindustria, General Confederation of Italian Industry) Aimone.

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1 Introducing the Mechatronics Club Promoted by Reggio Emilia Industrial Association (part of Confindustria, General Confederation of Italian Industry) Aimone Storchi – President (Davide Bezzecchi, secretary) October 2012

2 Agenda 1. Who we are: Association of Entrepreneurs of Reggio Emilia Associazione Industriali di Reggio Emilia –Confindustria and Mechatronics Club (Club Meccatronica) 2. Promoting Mechatronics as a fast growing market 3. The mechatronics cluster of Reggio Emilia 4. Club Meccatronica of Reggio Emilia 5. Profiles of the Club Meccatronica members (seeannex)

3 1.About us: 1.About us: the Association of Entrepreneurs of Reggio Emilia Associazione Industriali di Reggio Emilia represents approximately 750 manufacturing and service enterprises based in the province of Reggio Emilia (amounting to 41.000 employees). Founded in 1945, Industriali Reggio Emilia is a voluntary association of companies which aims to represent, protect, promote and develop member companies and their interests. It is the expression in the territory of Reggio Emilia of the Association ofConfindustria (the Association of the Italian Entrepreneurs). It brings together various sectors, from electrical to mechanical (machines and equipment), food, textile, ceramic tiles, rubber and plastic, construction and real estate, services. The associated enterprises are mostly small and medium size enterprises (75% of them have from 1 to 50 employees). ServicesIndustriali Reggio Emilia to its associated firms offers Services: The Association promoted in the 2004 the Club of Meccatronica.

4 Reggio Emilias Province Half milion of inhabitants low unemployment rate 5.0% (before crisis 2.5%) Workforce = 242.000 unit (98.000 in industries) With over 58,000 enterprises (one every nine inhabitants) the province demonstrates a formidable entrepreneurial attitude. high per capita income = 30.000 /inhabitant (during 2009) Export = 3.587 Ml (first quarter 10) (+11% referred to first quarter 10)

5 2.Why promote Mechatronics for the growth of the manufacturing companies? The Mechatronics as the combination of electronics, mechanics, automatism and embedded software, is actually a fast growing market and concerns more and more industries in their different technological evolution. Different technologies and manufacturing sectors involved specialized industry in products with high added value

6 The Mechatronic Product Target Development of INTELLIGENT MACHINE 1. High performance in every condition 2. Energy saving 3. High safety for the operator Obtained by programming technologies The device control is managed by an electronic component typically embedded in the product itself. Control means the ability to adapt to the different operating conditions.

7 The Mechatronic Product What mechatronics is MECHATRONICS = MECHANICS + ELECTRONICS + SOFTWARE MECHATRONICS Mechanics machines fluid dynamics trasmissions materials Information Technology modelling systems theory artificial intelligence Electronics power control actuators sensors

8 2. MECHATRONIC CLUSTER (300 companies) UNIVERSITY of MODENA AND REGGIO EMILIA -Degree first/second level on Mechatronics Engineering -Doctoral research INNOVATION CENTER AND SERVICES/TEST LABS Reggio Emilia Innovazione Emilia Romagna High Technology Network (10 Technopoles and 6 Technology Platforms) Mechatronic Club (75 Companies) SCHOOLS AND TRAINING Centers CIS + ITI Nobili ITS FOUNDATION (Schools, Training Center, Companies, University) REGGIO EMILIA Technopole: Research Center for applied research and services Labs on Mechatronics: Mechatronic for hydraulic system, mechatronic materials, mechatronic diagnostics and maintenance, industrial eletctronic systems, control interaction of robotic and industrial systems LOCAL AUTHORITIES + Chamber of commerce () Integrated Stategy and Coordinated network of organisations to suport and promote the company needs (Students/Traininig, Universities, Research and Technology transfer, Laboratories,……..). The experience of Reggio Emilia system: Mechatronics Supporting System (promoted by Mechatronics Club)

9 Strong aim towards internationalization Excellent for developing advanced and Hi- Tech solutions Main features of the Mechatronics Cluster of Reggio Emilia Number: 300 (150) Turnover: 6 Billion Euros Employees: 27.000 Services with absolute flexibility and products based on customers requirements 300 enterprises: 150 (50%) producing finished products or mechatronic components (belonging to the mechatronic core") 150 (50%) producing non-mechatronic components for mechatronic industries ( belonging to the District known as the District subcontracting mechatronics of excellence). 3.Characteristics of the Mechatronics Cluster Forecasts on market trends

10 Mechatronic Cluster ENTERPRISES (300 companies) UNIVERSITIES AND RESEARCH CENTERS Club Meccatronica was founded with the aim of networking the different experiences and initiatives in order to make them coherent and useful for developing the whole mechatronics cluster. It represents 100 Businessmen, managers, technicians, university professors and researchers of 75 industrial enterprises and organizations. EXCELLENCE IN MECHATRONICS 4.From Mechatronic cluster to Mechatronic Club 4.From Mechatronic cluster to Mechatronic Club CLUB MECCATRONICA Mechatronics Club (75 companies and organisations)

11 Specializations Specializations of Mechatronic Cluster members: 1. AGRICULTURE MACHINERY Tractors and agricultural, gardening, ground moving machinery 2. MACHINERY AND EQUIPMENT FOR THE PRODUCTION – ROBOTICS Garage/Automotive equipment Automated machine tools e production equipment Packaging/Material handling (moving and lifting) systems and machinery for packaging, lifting, elevation and handling 3. INTELLIGENT AND ECO-SUSTAINABLE MOBILITY (Automotive) Eco-sustainable: components for electric vehicles, LPG and CNG - alternative fuel systems and components, hybrid systems Intelligent: car audio/alarm, infotainement,, antennas systems, loudspeakers, subwoofer boxes, amplifiers, cables 4. AMUSEMENT PARK Amusement ride, merry-go-round, roller coaster. 5.HOME APPLIANCES White goods, small appliances, boilers, water heating, air conditioning, elevators 6. COMPONENTS FOR INDUSTRIAL AND AGRICULTURAL SECTORS Power Transmission/Engines, Fluid Power Systems, Electronic components, Automation, Software

12 1.Agriculture Machinery

13 2.Machinery and Equipment for Production Garage Equipment

14 3.Intelligent and Eco-Sustainable Mobility

15 3.A ELECTRICAL AND HYBRID VEHICLE COMPONENTS (Alternative Fuel) ZAPI Group - Electronic speed controllers and associated products for application in electric vehicles LANDI RENZO - LPG and CNG alternative automotive fuel systems and components A.E.B. - Electronic devices for converting internal combustion engines from gas to LPG and NG RAIL – components for automotive gas system (LPG and Natural gas injectors)

16 3.B INFOTAINMENT (audio and antennas systems, HMI, Car Alarm, etc) ASK INDUSTRIES – Designs, develops, manufactures, and distributes high quality car audio and antennas systems - loudspeakers, subwoofer boxes, amplifiers, antennas, and cables PHONOCAR – A Leader in the Car-Hifi-Sector and related Accessories AUTOSONIK – Starting from the first car radios, till CD Players arriving until state-of- the-art multimedia systems AUDIODESIGN – Loudspeakers, Amplifiers, Accessories, Cables, Fastning- material and Interfaces SONAVOX – Car Hi-Fi as Subwoofers, Woofers, Sub Tubes, Active Close Enclosures, Tweeters, Speakers, Antennas and many other accessories. META SYSTEM – Research, development and production of advanced electronic security system for the automotive, motorcycle and energy markets (Power e comfort, Telematics, Safe & Security) RE:LAB – Human machine interface and interaction solutions

17 3.C AUTOMOTIVE COMPONENTS VP ITALY – High-quality pistons for nearly any powersport use from motrcycles and ATVs to marine and carting LOMBARDI NI – A world leader among producers of diesel engines up to 50 kW SPAL AUTOMOTIVE – world leader in the design and manufacture of high quality electric fans and blowers for all types of vehicles and equipments VIMI FASTENERS – A global leader in the production and marketing of mechanical fasteners for a broad range of industrial applications G3 – Operates in the highest ranges of the car accessories sector

18 4.Amusement Park

19 5.Home Appliances

20 6.Components for Agriculture and Industrial

21 Goals of the Club 1. Becoming a meeting point to share informations and experiences about the numerous and various mechatronic issues 2. Strengthening networking between Enterprises and University 3. Fostering/promoting partnership among members 4. Supporting the mechatronic culture at every level (improve technical culture by training courses, etc) 5. Promoting the Reggio Emilia Emilias mechatronic cluster around the world. (National Prize for mechatronic international partnerships, etc.)

22 Promotion and Information By managing newsletters and the web page Techical Seminars Matlab e Simulink, Innovation Day during the decennial of the Faculty of Engineering of Reggio Emilia, Mechatronics Materials and many others Companies and Research Centers Tours Matech, Marposs, T3Lab, Agusta Westland, PoliTO, etc. Technical Training Promotion of the course Electronic for Mechanicals organized by University of Modena and Reggio Emilia Fairs and Exhibitions Fluid Trans and the seminary Meccatronica ed Oleodinamica: Sodalizio vincente (30 may 08) EIMA and the seminary La Meccatronica nella Progettazione delle Macchine per lAgricoltura (nov 08, nov 10) Motorsport Expotech (oct 09) Stages and Courses for Students IFTS courses and support the realization of the Progetto Abramo for the formation and for the organization of stages in companies for 15 students of the Brasilian Mechatronic Center (2008 with the collaboration of CIS and Unimore) 1. Promotion initiatives aimed to improve technical culture in the Club and in the District Achieved Activities of the Club

23 Web Site home page

24 Premio Italiano Meccatronica – Italian Mechatronic Prize 2007 Brembo 2008 System 2009 Carlo Gavazzi Space 2010 Prima Industrie 2011 Health Robotics 2. Promotion and fostering of Mechatronic companies and local district Achieved Activities of the Club

25 Fostering of the Net made of Italian Mechatronic Centers and Clusters Presentation of Turin Mechatronic Pole (Oct 09), stipulation of a collaboration agreement (Maggio 2010), collaboration with many other Italian centers (Vicenza, Umbria, Bergamo, Puglia, Sicilia) Efforts for the creation and support activities for the start-up of Technical and Training Pole – ITS per la Meccatronica Efforts for the creation and support activities for the formation of the Reggio Emilia Tecnopolo (Mechatronic Laboratory) International promotion of the Cluster and the Club Sept 09 – Mission in Croatia (Byelovar) with Unimore Sept 10 – Mission in Germany with the Reggio Emilia Province Oct 09 – Participation at LItalia che corre al futuro - Tokyo, Japan with Emilia Romagna Region Gen 11 – Participation at the European project Adriatic Danubian Clustering and Autonet 2. Promotion and fostering of Mechatronic companies and local district Achieved Activities of the Club

26 Fostering the development of conjunction projects between different Club Companies and University. In particular for funding announcements as the regional one dai Distretti produttivi ai Distretti tecnologici – Nov 09 the club achieved the support of 3 projects: Laboratory ISOTRACTOR – Agri - mechatronic (7 companies + University of Modena and Reggio Emilia) Laboratory DIRO – Mobile Robotics (6 companies + University of Modena and Reggio Emilia) Laboratory SIER – Hybrid Vehicle (2 companies + University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Reggio Emilia Innovazione ) 3. Meeting and aggregation initiatives for the companies. Sharing R&D Projects (joint projects) Achieved Activities of the Club

27 Japan and Russia: 2006/2009) Japan and Russia: Attending the fairs and exhibitions (2006/2009) Croatia : agreement with the city of Byelovar for a student exchange program (2009) Croatia : agreement with the city of Byelovar for a student exchange program (2009) Brasil - The Abramo Project (2008) Brasil - The Abramo Project (2008) Trainig course of 5 months on Highly skilled technician in Mechatronics and training in associated companies for 15 young students of the Mechatronics Center - Rio Grande Do Sul : in collaboration with CIS (Industrial Association business school) and Engineering Faculty of University of Modena and Reggio Emilia ……………………. International promotion and collaboration

28 For further information:

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