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<<replace with Customer Logo>>

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1 <<replace with Customer Logo>>
Blueprint Kickoff For customer presentations consider putting the customer’s name on the first slide. <<Date>>

2 Introductions Customer Vision & Success Criteria Apigee Accelerator Overview Blueprint Schedule Roles & Responsibilities Communications Assumptions Risks

3 Introductions <<Customer Name>>
<<name>>, Executive Sponsor <<name>>, Product Owner <<name>>, Project Manager <<name>>, Lead Architect <<name>>, Network Engineering <<name>>, Test Lead Apigee <<name>>, Scrum Master <<name>>, Global Architect <<name>>, Principal Architect <<name>>, Technology Specialist <<name>>, Technology Specialist (Drupal)

4 Vision & Success Criteria
<<customer Exec Sponsor presents this slide>> Vision <<vision statement of what is expected of program>> Success Criteria <<list success criteria>>

5 Services: Mobile requires a new model
App cycle time demands extreme flexibility and speed IT infrastructure demands stability Digital programs connect these two worlds Business Demand Time App IT Infrastructure Digital Program

6 Traditional deployment models don’t work
Demand increases over time in digital programs Continuous optimization is required for best business results Inefficiencies result from application of traditional methodologies Velocity Time Required Velocity Initial higher velocity by “jumping in” Incomplete Delivery Infrastructure Inability to Adapt to changing business priorities Actual Velocity Insufficient User story gathering Inefficient Sprint Management

7 Accelerator Methodology
Quality Framework (Best Practice Validation & Continuous Improvement) Validation Validation Validation Validation Validation Blueprint Extreme Sprints Validation Validation Production Release Provides Resources Enhancements Drives Standards, Guidelines, Template, Processes and Tools Standards, Guidelines, Template, Processes and Tools Standards, Guidelines, Template, Processes and Tools Delivery Framework (Consistent Practices, Resources and Tools)

8 Blueprint Accelerator Planning
Review and align on pre-blueprint deliverables Customer & Apigee preparation to start Scoping Scoping Define boundaries of implementation Define user stories for initial sprints Architecture & Design Define infrastructure and data flow architecture Create API Proxy design Operations & Support Review system monitoring strategy Define support structure needed for the solution Delivery Infrastructure Align on process and meetings for Extreme Sprints Define key communication vehicles to keep team aligned

9 Blueprint Activities & Quality Framework
Accelerator Planning Define Team Members Setup Collaboration Tools Conduct Blueprint Kickoff Scoping Provide Apigee Edge Overview Define Scope for Initial Phases Capture Requirements Architecture & Design Define Solution Architecture Create API Platform Design Create Specifications Operations & Support Define System Monitoring and Ops Strategy Align on Apigee Support Services Delivery Infrastructure Conduct Accelerator Methodology Session Define Test Strategy Create Delivery Controls Define Detailed Sprint Schedule Define Code Controls & Deploy Process Conduct Blueprint Exec Review Quality Framework Conduct Env Readiness Review Conduct Requirements Review Conduct API Design & Spec Checkpoint Conduct Blueprint Checkpoint

10 Blueprint Deliverables
Accelerator Planning JIRA & Confluence Detailed Management Plan Team Directory RACI Matrix Blueprint Kickoff Presentation Scoping Functional & Non-functional Reqs Specs User Story Backlog Architecture & Design API Specification Solution Architecture Developer Portal Design On-Prem Environment Spec (for On-Prem Customers only) Operations & Support Monitoring & Operations Strategy Delivery Infrastructure Milestone & Resource Alignment Tracking Detailed Sprint Schedule API Test Strategy Budget Tracking Log (Hours Based) Budget Tracking Log ($ Based) Status Report GitHub (Source Control) Account Setup & Mgmt Process Maven Deployment Automation Setup & Mngt Process Jenkins Continuous Integration Setup & Mngt Process Blueprint Executive Presentation Extreme Sprints & Prod Release SOW

11 Blueprint Schedule – Week 1
Monday / Oct 7th Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 9:00-10:00 Blueprint Kickoff TBD 10: :00 12:00- 1:00 Lunch 1:00-6:00

12 Blueprint Schedule – Week 2
Monday / Oct 14th Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 9:00-10:00 Blueprint Kickoff TBD 10: :00 12:00- 1:00 Lunch 1:00-6:00

13 Blueprint Schedule – Week 3
Monday / Oct 21st Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 9:00-10:00 Blueprint Kickoff TBD 10: :00 12:00- 1:00 Lunch 1:00-6:00

14 Blueprint – Apigee Roles & Responsibilities
Scrum Master Main contact for project coordination activities Leads daily stand-up meetings, oversees project schedule and coordinates with other organizations for testing and deployment activities Accountable for reporting weekly status and budget information Global Architect Leads the creation of a infrastructure deliverable Works closely with the Customer’s Technical Lead and/or Network Engineer to ensure Customer ownership of these deliverables once completed. Principal Architect Responsible for the software design deliverables Leads customer requirements (user stories) sessions Leads any design challenges that may arise Technology Specialist Implements the designs and requirements defined Conducts unit tests Resolves defects found during customer testing Technology Specialist (Developer Portal) Gathers developer portal requirements, designs, configures, unit tests and supports Customer-led functional testing

15 Blueprint – Customer Roles & Responsibilities
Executive Sponsor Visible participant in the project and sets vision and guiding principles Actively engaged in the Blueprint Executive Review session Project Manager Main contact for project coordination activities, working closely with the Apigee Scrum Master. Ensures customer resources are available when needed Coordinates the customer-led activities Ensures an efficient process is in place to log defects and track to closure Product Owner Participates in all design and requirement sessions to provide input to what is needed to meet the business needs of the API program Lead Architect Participates in all design sessions and approves the solution design. Participates in Functional and Performance Testing Involved with the deployment of the solution to Production

16 Blueprint – Customer Roles & Responsibilities
Network Engineer Sets-up all hardware necessary for the Apigee solution, including opening ports, setting up and modifying any firewall policies Documents the Apigee installation procedures Sets-up monitoring and ensures availability to the systems during the project Test Lead Defines the Testing Strategy for the program Plans, develops and executes all necessary steps for executing Functional and Performance Testing. Sets up a process and tools to track defects to closure

17 JIRA & Confluence Home Page Weekly Status Reports
Communications Daily Standups JIRA & Confluence Home Page Weekly Status Reports Monthly Executive Updates Explain each item which applies and add others requested by customer

18 Assumptions Enter details.

19 Risks Enter details.

20 Q&A

21 2013

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