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QuEdge Testing Process Delivering Global Solutions.

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1 QuEdge Testing Process Delivering Global Solutions

2 Testing Objectives To evaluate the quality of the Item Under Test (IUT) by : Performing Validation and Verification of the IUT Priority coverage Verification of the interactions between the objects Verification of the integration of components Ensuring that the identified defects are intimated and addressed before software deployment

3 Testing Principles Define Test Plan Design effective test cases Start Testing Early and test Iteratively Perform tests in a context dependant manner Test for Valid and Invalid Conditions Testing performed by individuals at different levels Test a program innovatively and perform exploratory tests Defect Clustering Test evaluation End of testing

4 Testing Life Cycle Change Request – Document, Bug Tracking Tool, Work Flow Automation Tool

5 Test Activity Workflow Test DesignerPlan TestDesign TestImplement TestEvaluate TestTester Execute Test Designer Design Test Classes & Packages Implementer Implement Test Components & Subsystems

6 Test Early Defect Tracking/Enhancement Request Plan Test Design Test Implement Test Execute Test Test Lifecycle Evaluate Test Project PlanningRequirement CaptureAnalysis & Design Implementation Development Lifecycle Build

7 Test Early Agile Methodology Project Planning Requirement CaptureAnalysis & Design Implementation Plan Test Design Test Implement Test Execute Test Evaluate Test Build Scrum Result Higher Quality Lower Risk Testing Starts earlier Is continuous Sprint X Sprint X + 2

8 Test & Method Validation Client Requirement & Specification Use of published methods/procedures Nature of the project Test Validation User Acceptance testing Verification performed with test cases developed from user story provided by client Verification performed with test cases developed from Use case documents, Software parameter document and Software specification document. Maintenance of records of validation Range & Accuracy obtainable from validation methods Test Method Selection

9 Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008 Flexibility to follow the process and documentation based on client requirement

10 Testing Methods

11 Techniques InspectionAnalysisDemonstrationUsability CheckingAutomated & Manual Testing

12 Test Plan Essentials Environmental needs Test equipments if necessary Responsibilities Staffing and Training Schedules Resources Risks Approvals Aim Scope Test Items Features to be tested Features not to be tested Approach Item Pass/Fail Criteria Test Deliverables Testing Tasks

13 Test Execution Process Requirement Document Test Plan Creation Test Execution Report Generation Bug Reporting Updation and Maintenance of Test Cases

14 Measure of Testing Requirements coverage How many test cases have been verified ? Code coverage How much code has been executed and tested ? Coverage Metrics Defect Reports Pass Vs Fail Defect Density Quality Measures Traceability Matrix Quality Matrix

15 Service Delivery

16 Thank You QuEdge Testing Process Delivering Global Solutions

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