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Stakeholder Workshop July 27, 2011. Present updated information on the Central Groundwater Storage Plan Receive additional stakeholder input Discuss next.

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1 Stakeholder Workshop July 27, 2011

2 Present updated information on the Central Groundwater Storage Plan Receive additional stakeholder input Discuss next steps Meeting Objectives

3 1. Review program goals and objectives 2. Review program description and water supply options 3. Present stakeholder comments received to date 4. Review status of CEQA process 5. Review program schedule 6. Receive additional stakeholder input and discuss relevant issues Today’s Agenda

4 Program Location Bounded on the northeast and the east by the Elysian, Repetto, Merced, and Puente Hills The southeast boundary is along Coyote Creek The southwest boundary is the Newport-Inglewood fault system and uplift


6 Program Objectives Protect Public Resource Maximize storage within the Basin Protect local decision-making authority Protect local water rights Improve local water supply reliability, particularly during drought or emergencies Create flexibility in water supply options

7 Program Objectives Improve local and regional control to maximize utilization of water resources Develop guidelines to maximize efficient water use Develop a program that supports a stable economy and preserves environmental values Ensure that local and regional water policy and programs do not disproportionately impact low income or minority populations within the CBMWD service area

8 Program Description Establish a water management and storage program for the Central Groundwater Basin Once fully implemented, the program(s) will use a portion of the available storage space in the Basin Acquire water that will be stored in the Basin Storage would generally serve operations, emergency and the future needs of local water agencies

9 Water Supply Options Water to be stored may come from a combination of supplies, including but not limited to: Imported Water Recycled Water Contaminated Groundwater Remediation and Recovery Conservation Gray Water Storm Water Capture Desalination

10 Options for Putting Water into Storage Increased use of existing spreading basins Construction of new spreading basins Conversion of existing production wells to injection wells Construction of new injection wells Innovative subsurface infiltration galleries

11 Summary of Comments Received Proposed Program’s Consistency with the Central Basin Judgment? There is no provision for groundwater storage in the Central Basin judgment. However, CBMWD is committed to the integration of storage into regional water management. CBMWD is allowed to use its statutory powers as a municipal water district to store water. (Water Code Section 71000 et seq.)

12 Summary of Comments Received “The NOP Project Description is too vague.” The IS/NOP released in February 2011 was designed in compliance with CEQA requirements and guidelines. Written comments during the 45-day comment period requested more description, so CBMWD revised the NOP and opened a new comment period for an additional 30 days. Any specific details of exactly how water would be stored would present a pre-determined program and undermine the scoping process.

13 Summary of Comments Received “The process has not been inclusive.” The process for project development, is by design, an inclusive process that provides stakeholders with ample opportunity to provide input and review materials as the process develops: CBMWD’s first scoping period was extended from 30 days to 45 days. CBMWD has now opened a second, 30-day scoping period for additional stakeholder input.

14 CEQA Process Publish Notice of Preparation (NOP) and Initial Study Scoping Meetings 45-day Scoping Period Scoping Meetings (March 8, 2011 and March 29, 2011) Re-circulate NOP with expanded Project Description Distribute NOP (July 21 2011) Stakeholder Workshop (July 27, 2011) Publish Draft Program Environmental Impact Report (PEIR) 45-day (minimum) Public Review Period Public Meetings Publish Final PEIR with Response to Comments Consider Certification of the PEIR (Public Hearing) Program Approval (Public Hearing)

15 Program Schedule February 2011 to September 2011 – Develop draft PEIR October 2011 to December 2011 – Distribution of draft PEIR for public review 45-day (minimum) review period Draft PEIR Public Meeting(s) December 2011 - Prepare Final PEIR Final PEIR includes responses to all comments submitted during the Public Review Period Public Hearing to consider certification of Final PEIR First Quarter 2012 - Public Hearing to consider Program approval

16 Storage Overview

17 Water will be available during emergencies (i.e. earthquakes, Delta flood, etc) as well as during short-term shutdowns or supply interruptions 65,000 AFY on average 90,000 AF for 3-year period (MWD) Emergency Supplies

18 Operational Supplies Possible water supply to replace: capacity charge water Tier II water Tier I water Cost-effective supply and choices for customers 25,000 AFY (capacity charge) 50,000 AF (optional cost savings)

19 Future Needs Water above and beyond needs of operation and emergency Open bank system for deposits by stakeholders Management system to prevent loss of stored water Maximize storage opportunities for all stakeholders without harming the Basin or rights of current adjudicated extractors


21 Contact Information David Hill Water Resources Manager Direct: (323) 201-5501 Valerie Howard Public Affairs Manager Direct: (323) 201-5552 Central Basin Municipal Water District 6252 Telegraph Road, Commerce CA 90604 Phone: (323) 201-5500 Fax: (323) 201-5550

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