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Global Business Blueprint Summary Presenters: Laurie Dempsey, CBP Lois McCluskey, eCP January 28, 2004.

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1 Global Business Blueprint Summary Presenters: Laurie Dempsey, CBP Lois McCluskey, eCP January 28, 2004

2 2 Table of Contents  ObjectivesLaurie Dempsey  Executive summaryLaurie Dempsey  BackgroundLaurie Dempsey  ScopeLaurie Dempsey  ApproachLois McCluskey  TSN involvementLois McCluskey  Key takeawaysLois McCluskey

3 3 Objectives The objective for this session is to:  Provide a summarized information to TSN meeting participants The purpose of this presentation is to:  Reiterate key concepts for Global Business Blueprint (GBB)  Communicate key takeaways

4 4 Executive Summary Global Business Blueprint Objectives and Approach Objectives  Leverage eCP work done to date  Establish an integrated CBP to be business process model  Define the solution for Releases 6 and 7 that most effectively satisfies the modernization objective of CBP Approach Our approach will involve a combined team of eCP, CBP, PGA, & TSN representatives The activities for GBB will involve a combination of the following :  Port visits  Interactive To-Be process definition work shops  SAP prototyping to support clarification related to business process design

5 5 Executive Summary Benefits  Identifying business process improvement opportunities and potential benefits  Leveraging the process design / solutions from Releases 2 through 5 and Selectivity Releases 1, 2, & 3  Prototyping key processes within SAP for significant jumpstarts on Release 6  Early identification of potential CBP organizational impacts  Revised Program Plan (i.e. updated timeline and budget for Release 6/7) for implementation

6 6 Background Importance of Global Business Blueprint The Global Business Blueprint will provide an end-to-end view of the key business processes, helping to…  Determine how SAP can be leveraged to its maximum potential  Identify where business process reengineering (BPR) is useful & feasible  Confirm where additional 3rd party applications or custom development may be required  Finalize business process & technical architectures  Enable detailed planning of Releases 6 and 7  Understand magnitude of potential CBP organizational and business process changes and adjust scope / approach accordingly

7 7 Scope Business Process  The EBPM represents the activities and support functions that comprise the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Modernization effort, including Participating Government Agencies (PGA) and Trade Support Network (TSN) activities that are performed within the context of importing and exporting cargo  During GBB, we will specifically focus on determining whether the subset of the Operations-Focused Enterprise Areas are within the scope of Releases 6 and 7. Our business process scope is the ACE cargo-related components of the Enterprise Business Process Model (EBPM) Manage Account Relationships Manage Release Processing Manage Entry Processing Manage Enforcement Manage Finance Manage Business Intelligence Manage Legal and Policy Operations-Focused Enterprise Areas

8 8 Approach Key Role of Business Process Team Business Problem New System Design & Test Hi-Level Process Design IT Resources ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Process Resources “Traditional” SDLC Business Problem User Requirements Design Specifications Programming & Testing User Testing New System IT Resources Process Resources While implementing an ERP delivery model…  The same project team executes the complete lifecycle of the project…no handoffs  Trade involvement throughout the complete lifecycle  Business process resources are empowered to make design decisions  Feedback is continually solicited from business community (e.g. workshops, port visits)

9 9 Approach GBB Key Activities and Results Key Activities Conduct Workshops Conduct Port Visits Review Existing Documentation Conduct Interviews Prototyping Key Outputs SAP Organization Structure To Be Business Processes Refined Prototype SAP Fit Baseline Scope Business Process Definition Working with SMEs, TSN, PGAs Key Activities Review Existing Strategies Determine Necessary Changes to Existing strategies Document Strategies Key Outputs Revised Strategies Baseline Scope Program Strategies Revised Implementation Strategy Baselined Release 6 & 7 Scope Provide input to the planning team to perform solution sizing, cost and schedule modeling. Planning Team updates ACE program plans. Enterprise & ACE Architecture Project Preparation for Rel 6 Program Planning

10 10 Approach Business Process Design Workshop Approach at a glance… February March April January May Create Straw Model Review & Refine Model Confirm Model #1 Increasing Level of CBP Awareness, Commitment, and Approval Conduct Model Integration Reviews Confirm Model #2 Conduct Gap Analyses & Refine Model Confirm Model #3 at “Summit” Review Model w/ PGAs & TSN Education Sessions (Collect Existing Documentation & Requirements, Schedule Workshops) Integrated Reviews Across Workstreams Port Visit Port Visit CBP Role in Decision Making and Sign Off CBP Team Lead full time involvement in project activities SME part-time involvement in design activities CBP port / field involvement in scheduled design / review activities CBP BPO availability for ongoing informal guidance CBP Business Process Owner (BPO) active participation in formal model confirmation activities CBP BPO final sign off and ownership of model by end of April A combination of formal workshops and daily design / collaboration activities will be used to develop the to-be business process model and obtain the appropriate involvement and sign off from CBP by the end of May. eCP Team CBP Team Leads CBP SMEs CBP Port / Field eCP Team CBP Team Leads CBP SMEs eCP Trade Leads eCP Team CBP Team Leads CBP SMEs CBP Port / Field eCP Trade Leads eCP Team CBP Team Leads CBP SMEs eCP Team CBP Team Leads CBP SMEs CBP BPOs eCP Team CBP Team Leads CBP SMEs CBP BPOs TSN PGAs eCP Team CBP Team Leads CBP SMEs CBP BPOs eCP Trade Leads eCP Team CBP Team Leads CBP SMEs TSN PGAs

11 11 The TSN Involvement The TSN is one of the key stakeholder communities for the Global Business Blueprint. Our approach is based on active engagement of the TSN; we plan to:  Leverage requirement recommendations provided to date by the TSN committees as a key input to process design activities  Invite TSN committee leads or their designee to actively participate in key business process design workshops  Conduct site visits to select TSN member facilities to validate requirements and obtain feedback on preliminary process designs

12 12 Key Takeaways  Port visits for first hand requirements gathering / validation  Involvement of TSN, PGAs during To-Be process definition  Business process-driven workshops  Actual prototyping within SAP  Information exchanges with other federal SAP customers  Benefits-driven strategy  SAP experienced team  Alignment with Enterprise Architecture  Leverage Releases 2 - 5  Refined scope & roadmap produced for Releases 6 & 7

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