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Project Cycle Management

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1 Project Cycle Management
Albert Kombo April – May 2011 Nairobi Welcome participants to the program and to the Organizational Planning session. Introduce yourself, your background, and your role in this program. Invite people to ask questions, offer suggestions or share examples at any time throughout the session. Emphasize that we want this information to be clear and relevant to the work that they do within their organizations.

2 Objective of the Session
To appreciate resource efforts and role of management team members at various stages of the project cycle

3 What are the Major Project Cycle Stages?
Project initiation Proposal development Donor appraisal Start up Implementation & monitoring Evaluation & impact analysis Phase out P1 - Conceptual Design P2 – Advanced Development P3 - Detailed Design P4 – Production P 5 - Termination

4 The Cycle Start Up Donor Appraisal Implementation Proposal Development
Performance Management Accountability Transparency Appoint staff Set up office Make purchases Steering committee Baseline survey Start Up Negotiate with donor Revise budget Sign agreement Donor Appraisal Planning Budgeting Proposal writing Organization’s strategy Situation analysis Concept note Proposal Development Initiation Prepare final report Present final Mid-term evaluation Project evaluation Lessons Evaluation Phase Out Interventions/activities Monitoring & recording Implementation

5 Project Initiation (1) Source `concept notes through:
Strategic framework outlining gaps in implementation Specific requests for concept notes on certain topics Response to donor request Lessons learned in existing projects Request from stakeholders Needs assessments Funding need for existing project

6 Proposal Development (2)
Identify potential donors & stakeholders Share concept notes with donors; select prospective donors Situational analysis & stakeholder consultation Problem analysis: Identify gaps & opportunities LogFrame; include indicators & M&E framework Prepare draft proposal Review with stakeholders; Finalize proposal

7 Donor Appraisal & Decision (3)
Revise to include donor inputs Re-submit revised proposal Appropriate f-up with donors Contract negotiation Co-financing source identified if required Organization signs contract De-briefing on proposal & negotiation process with organization & stakeholders Official launch

8 Project Start-up (4) Establish job descriptions for staff
Recruit & orient new/existing staff Stakeholder review of proposal?? Review indicators for measurement of objectives with stakeholders Develop/finalise M & E framework Establish workplan & budgets based on logframe Establish office Ensure systems in place for programme, financial & performance management, & staff feedback Performance Management Accountability Transparent Appoint staff Set up office Make purchases Steering committee Baseline survey Start up Donor appraisal Proposal development Project initiation Evaluation Phase Out Implementation

9 Implementing & Monitoring (5)
Baseline study on agreed indicators Routine monitoring; review budget against work plan Outline learnings & innovations Identify gaps, suggest new developments Write new concept paper if necessary; develop & submit new project proposal if necessary Identify new partners

10 Evaluation & Impact Analysis (6)
Evaluation and Impact Analysis Ad hoc assessment as appropriate Establish TOR for evaluation / impact analysis (norm is participatory = team + stakeholders) Select evaluators Prepare for & conduct evaluation Present report to team + stakeholders Finalize evaluation report Decide on recommendations Performance Management Accountability Transparent Start up Donor appraisal Proposal development Project initiation Mid-term evaluation Project evaluation Lessons Evaluation Phase Out Implementation

11 Phase Out (including Close-Out) (7)
What is the difference between phase-out and close-out?

12 Phase Out (including Close-Out) (7)
Review exit plan -- in Q1 of final year Identify & agree with partners to sustain activities or otherwise Plan end-line evaluation activities Communicate to partners about exit plan Dispose of assets as per contract Collect all project outputs /materials Prepare final reports; final presentation (internal & /or external) Obtain donors & partners sign off on completion Terminate /relocate HR contracts5

13 Project Life Cycle Resource & Effort Phase 5 Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3
Conceptual Design Goals Scope Baseline Requirements Feasibility Desirability Phase 2 Advanced Development Plan Schedule Budget Bid Proposal Management Commitment Phase 3 Detailed Design *Responsibility Definition *Project Team Organizational Structure Detailed Plan *Kickoff Phase 4 Production * Manage Measure Control Update & Replan Problem Solving Phase 5 Termination Closeout Document Suggest Improvements Transit Reassign Dissolve Team


15 Critical Success Factors
Fulfillment of stakeholders expectations Project completed on time Expenses as or less as per planned budget Customer operates the project result Dilemma/problem is solved by the project Project affects positively the user Project improves existing performance


17 Thank You

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