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Joint Commission Accreditation For Healthcare Organizations &

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1 JCAHO vs. CHAP Accreditation Programming Presented by Compliance Review Services, Inc.
Joint Commission Accreditation For Healthcare Organizations & Community Health Accreditation Program Updated kk

2 What is Joint Commission?
Joint Commission is an organization that has their own standards of care above and beyond those of the State and Medicare. They are an agency that you pay to become certified by them to show that you have exceeded the minimum standards of care to attain the GOLD standard. They are an accrediting body that can conduct an initial and ongoing Medicare surveys for home health and hospice. Updated kk

3 What is CHAP? CHAP is another type of agency like JCAHO that has established standards of care that exceed the minimum standards, a private entity that you can pay to become certified by. They were established in 1965 as the first accrediting body for community-based health organization in the U.S. CHAP stands for Community Health Accreditation Program Updated kk

4 CHAP Accreditation Option
The company must have legal authority to operate Be in operation providing 1 or more of the services identified Prepare and submit the application documents and submit fees in a timely manner Accreditation is a 3 year cycle Application Fee = $ and is non-refundable Accreditation fee- broken up into 3 years and varies by organization Initial year’s annual accreditation fee is payable with submission of the signed contract Site visit is $995.00/day/auditor, minimum of 2 days is required. A return visit in 2-3 years for follow up on the previous site visit (agency responsible for fees for this as well) 3 year term contract required Self-Study required within 6 months of the date of the contract Surveys are unannounced 4 months of tracking are required, and it takes 6 months for them to arrive to do the survey roughly Updated kk

5 CHAP continued….. CHAP conducts accreditation for: Home Health Hospice
Public Health Home Care Aide services Private Duty Services Supplemental Staffing Services Home Infusion Therapy Home Medical Equipment Home Pharmacy Services, and Community Nursing Centers Updated kk

6 Why Accreditation by JCAHO or CHAP?
Elite Status, GOLD standard is marketable to the public and to payer sources Many private pay payer sources require this accreditation or they won’t refer to clients. Updated kk

7 What does CRS recommend?
Based on trying to get initial licensing quickly, for initial Medicare home health and hospice companies we recommend JCAHO, JCAHO does not have 2 self assessments which CHAP requires, thus making JCAHO a more efficient and quicker process for initial certification. Updated kk

8 JCAHO Survey Processes
Two step survey- JCAHO will come on-site first and do and administrative review and review P & P’s, personnel files, set up of company in meeting accreditation standards (if facility passes, they will get provisional accreditation) THEN JCAHO returns in 4 months to ensure all systems are in place and views 4 months of tracking, audit charts etc. and give full accreditation. They provide an announced survey date for all scheduled surveys Updated kk

9 Fees for JCAHO JCAHO charges the facility for their hotel, flight, etc. and a fee to do the survey based on patient/client census. One can contact JCAHO for a price at Our clients tell us it costs approximately $ to have them come out and do an initial survey. Updated kk

10 Types of Accreditation by JCAHO
Hospital Home Health Hospice Ambulatory Care Mental Health (mostly those facilities receiving Medicare/Medicaid/ Private Insurance payments Updated kk

11 Types of Accreditation
Deemed Status- JCAHO actually conducts annually the state Medicare survey for the agency and JCAHO survey at the same time. The state only comes in on complaints. Regular Status- JCAHO certifies the agency/facility for 3 years and comes in every 3 years on-site (tri-ennial) Periodic Reviews- JCAHO does do some random surveys on off years, randomly chosen. Updated kk

12 JCAHO/CHAP Services Compliance Review Services, Inc. offers
Policies and Procedures Forms Job Descriptions Quality Management Programs Staff and Management Education Leadership Training Preparation for Survey Report writing including graphs, statistics, OBQM Updated kk

13 Types of JCAHO/CHAP Programs Compliance Review Services, Inc. does:
Home Health Hospice DME Respiratory Therapy Ambulatory Care Mental Health Updated kk

14 JCAHO consulting costs by Compliance Review Services, Inc.:
$100/hour on-site consultation $10,000 start up package which includes policies, procedures, forms, job descriptions, ~20 binders of information to help your facility to be compliant with JCAHO We can upgrade a previously purchased Medicare package to JCAHO, an entire reprint of the package is required however. Updated kk

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