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Licensing Standards Day Care Centers

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1 Licensing Standards Day Care Centers
Illinois Department Children Families Services DCFS Rod R. Blagojevich, Governor Erwin McEwen, Director Division of Licensing Rule 407 Licensing Standards Day Care Centers Presenter: Virginia A. York, Associate Deputy Director of Licensing Jan Susa, Manager, Cook


3 Why Licensing? Licensing of child care facilities is a governmental regulation designed to reduce risks to children in care away from their families. It provides consumer protection for children, our most vulnerable population.

4 Why DCFS? Law: Child Care Act of 1969
It defines what a “child care facility” is. It mandates the licensing of day care facilities in Illinois. It establishes DCFS as the agency responsible for that licensing. It requires consultation to Providers. It mandates licensure BEFORE operation can begin.

5 What is a Child Care Center?
A facility that provides day care for less than 24 hours per day for more than 3 children.

6 Exemption to the Law From Licensing: Schools Systems
Public Parochial Private and Federal government

7 Process for becoming licensed:
Contact local DCFS Office for Information Attend Orientation Session to be connected to a License Representative Courtesy visit to review proposed site Submission of Application

8 Completed Application includes:
Articles of incorporation and by-laws Statement of purpose and policies List of officers and board members Annual operating budget

9 Completed Application includes:
Staffing plan, job descriptions and qualifications Written delegation of administrative authority List of persons submit to background check

10 Assessment of Licensure
Review of Completed, Signed application

11 Assessment of Licensure
Employment of Child Care Director passed background check three character references proof of education Medical and timeline for additional qualified staff to be hired

12 Assessment of Licensure
Staff holds First-aid and CPF Certification Food service sanitation certification Fire clearance Sanitation clearance Liability insurance

13 Assessment of Licensure
Review emerengency medical care plan Review plan for nutrition/food service requirements Review plan for acquisition of furnishings and equipment

14 Review of Licensure Review program description, and daily schedule
Review center drawings Review areas by measurements Review indoor/outdoor space for child usage

15 Review of Licensure Review of risk management plan to be followed in case of emergency Review statement of discipline policy Review of how forms and records will be kept Review of fininancial capability

16 Decision regarding Licensure: Denial or Permit-Permit
Permit issued 6-months Permit must be displayed at all times Permit specifies maximum number children Permit requires monthly unannounced monitoring visits Permit is no charge

17 License Is Issued License valid 3-years License no fee or charge
License requires announced, unannounced monitoring visits throughout the year License requires annual monitoring visit License renewed every 3 years

18 Expectations Compliance with licensing standards
Provide safe, healthy, nutritional environment that encourages learning

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